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She sat on the couch quiet and intently staring at the TV at the movie that was playing it was “Resident Evil” or “Underworld” something action packed, gory, but sexy in the same way, As she sat on the couch forcing herself into containing all her animal, womanly, sexual, urges. She intently watched the movie trying to fool her male visitor keep him from knowing her inner thoughts and desires. She desired for him to ravage her, do to her what he wanted. She glanced his way noticing the growing in his pants, she moved closer, close enough so that their legs touched. She then crossed her legs using his thigh for stability and then just moved her hand higher and started to tickle and knead his leg, At this point she noticed his breathing rate increased but his eyes were intently focused on the movie. She then turned her head and began to kiss, nibble, and blow in his ear. She took her hand off his leg and turned his head to her, she then kissed him long hard and passionate, just letting her tongue swim in his mouth at the same time she began kneading his leg. She felt his hand on her leg there to uncross hers. His hand instinctively went to her warm mound then began rubbing, she slowly opened her legs to him. Without missing a beat his hand had her pants unbuttoned, unzipped, and down her panties felling her wetness. At this point he took his hand out of her panties stood up and did a little strip tease for her. When he reached for his pants, suddenly she stopped him to hold his pleasure off for a bit she sat him down kneeled down in front of him. She interlaced her hands behind her back and took his belt into her mouth slowly undid his pants with her teeth, mouth, and tongue, licking him just enough to keep the feelings alive. Getting his pants to down around his ankles she went for what she had been longing for, his quivering swollen and member. She teased with her tongue, her lips got the head good and wet then used it to lick her lips. Licking from back base to tip and then again from tip to base, massaging his balls the whole time.

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4/28/2005 10:49 pm

ohhh this is a truly HOT story, And ONE lucky guy!!!!!

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