"R" and "M" (pt 1)  

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8/24/2005 9:01 pm

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"R" and "M" (pt 1)

He laid there, he will be known as “R,” as “R” lay there all entwined in “M’s arms and her in his she thought “how is this possible, is it real?” She felt that all too familiar twinge in her gut, telling he she needed to go pinch herself or something. “M” got up careful not to disturb “R” she walked into the bathroom, closed the door, flipped on the light (with a blinding stab), turned on the faucet splashed her face with cold water. Suddenly she felt a sharp pinch on her ass turned to see what it was she was greeted by “R” and his angelic smiling face. “R” took “M” in his arms and gave her a very deep passionate kiss, “M” took this to be “R’s” way of asking for round two to commence. She pushed “R” out of the bathroom backing him to the bed, as he stumbled back he fell onto the bed. “M” grabbed her silk scarf; showed it to “R,” saw the comet streak across his eyes and face. She made sure “R” was comfortable then she twisted and tied the scarf around his eyes, “M” also told him to grab the headboard and that he wasn’t allowed to move them. With a scarf around “R’s” eyes and his hands out of the way, it was “M’s” turn for fun. She ran her hands down the sides of his face and continued trailing them down “R’s” body; down his chest, down his torso, over his hips, down the insides of his legs, and through his toes. Since “M” was at his feet she began to massage, kiss, lick, and suck his toes and feet. Knowing how this was torturing “R” she continued; up his calves, around his knees, but “M” paid special attention to his thighs, specially his inner thigh. She rubbed, licked, nibbled, and kissed him everywhere (below the belt). “M” continued her exploration below “R’s” belt, knowing how much it drives him crazy, knowing how much he wanted to reach out for her, knowing how badly he wanted inside of her; in her mouth or in her...


dannyyt 64M
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11/2/2005 2:46 am

You are thoughtful. I hope your man has your imagination and passion

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