random... bored... woot  

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8/9/2006 12:27 pm
random... bored... woot

yea i guess i'll post at random. was just downt he raod with some friends lighting off fireworks out of random. lost some more hearing in my left ear.... baka.... -_-.. watched hentai for a bit. ( anime porn) with the guys and then everyoen started playing gamecube. was goign ot start D&D but they had to do some cleaning so i left... i'm still hoping my master will come down next week though i'm also planning ot go to mackinaw island some time also next week, just need to find a ride lol. alright might get some sake (rice wine) tonight also... i want ot find some people to drink it with though. lol. oh well. petoskey sucks ass.. ntohing to do... and no cute guys my age... damn you petoskey!!!! *pouts* well all i feel like posting... >_> bye. and a random pic... no.. dont' ask me for more pics of her.. my prive stash!!!

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