Never a dull moment...  

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8/18/2005 12:40 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Never a dull moment...

Ahh, the beauty of rejection. I have been rejected or turned down by three women yesterday and six if you count all in the past week. I think this is a new record for me. I'm thinking all this is adding permanent damage to my self image and sprinkled with heavy chest pains. How can a single male with no kids and never married cope with all this? Am I really all that bad? Me being a sensitive man in the first place who can't help but feel devistated, uses probably the worst method of coping with an overly damaged ego. Over the past many years of my life, I have found an almost best friend in alcohol (and other drugs). And I tell you, ole ethyl will love me when no one else will. And to be done up right when love has hurt me in the deepest places, I go see either of my two very close special friends who take away all my pain.

I have the hardest time dealing with with all this $hit so I either must change or continue to suffer. My new plan is to not play with women anymore. I'm just gonna have to face the facts and realize that I have nothing women want. I'm gonna get into my guitar again (by the way, almost all women who have heard me play, take their pants off and jump me). And I'm gonna dive my nose into studies and become a doctor. So if you're a woman whose reading this, please, leave me alone and as ususal, go to the next guy. I'm tired of people fucking with me.

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