Life's little kick back  

andon6904 42M
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8/23/2005 2:04 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Life's little kick back

Just when I though life was going to get better.

I'm piss azz drunk. I've spent five hours at the bar tonight. That's about my record. Hey what can I say 50 cent drafts and free pool! Its not like I had anything else to do. Oh the life of a single male with no female skills is not the shoes I'd pass to anyone.

There was this sexy fine beautiful woman who came in that I've wanted to *know* for the past two years. Wow, she had all the voluptious sexy female curves I could ever ask for, and the personality that I could know and love if given the opportunity. But, like all beautiful women in the world, she was with another man. Oh well, ya know some and ya don't.

Well, I gotta go, life is kicking my ass right now, and I'm getting tired of it. For everything good that happens to me, there is about 3 bad horrible things. I care not to share, but all are as bad as the good thing that happened to me. And they are so bad, I'm not even horney, although, I'd love to spoon with a lovely lady who likes me. Just holding each other tenderly with little butterfly kisses on her beautiful shoulder. But no, as usual I get nothing. Not a god damn thing. FTW.

I'm chillin in the dark, no electricity, got shut off today. Good thing I have a laptop that's got batteries. I won't have electricity for a week. God I love this world. Everything I have in the world is leaving as new good stuff is coming in. Like all things, everything must be balanced. Wow, if I could have the most beautiful chance in the world to bring a child to life, I would probably die to keep my balance. I guess then I'll live forever cuz I have yet met a woman who'll carry my child.

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