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11/9/2005 7:53 pm

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Hubbies gone, left two days ago for Texas...wont be home till Thanksgiving. Kinda glad he is gone......I Love him, with all my heart. Just feeling a bit off lately. Like the pieces of our puzzle arent meeting up to make that pretty picture.

Actually thought of finding what it is i feel is missing, them smacked myself in the head and moved on. Then this last weekend our connection really wasnt meeting. our signals were totally crossed cuzz he went way over the line we have drawn up on our playtime activities. Oh well, he says it wont happen again and he is sorry...OK...what can ya do? except not play anymore, which is prolly what is going to happen. Then if we continue to play, it wont be with anyone single.

WHo knows ~shrugs~ prolly just call it quits for awhile. see if we can get our signals to meet up again...whats the point in playing if one of the partners is worried? not so much that he will do anything without me, but that maybe I might.... always say if there are any issues in a relationship, dont go outside,too much room for error....

last weekend we went out,met some ppl, one of the ppl and hubby decided to be all over each other, ALL over each other. felt like i wasnt even there the whole time we were out. we dont do that shit in public, its disrespectful. No one should have any doubt when seeing us that we are together, behind closed doors, then they can be all over each other as long as im there.....

have nver come across this problem before, its never happened with us in over 5 years of playing, i was pissed, shocked, and hurt. makes me wonder if im not the only one feeling this disconnection......he says no....who knows....

with all the changes lately in the dynamics of "US", I dont know....I'm just so tired......
and i hate feeling like this. I hate having doubts, I hate not being on solid ground, and if im not on solid ground we are usually hanging on so tight to each other that we know we wont fall anyway....
Just been feeling so lost lately, and i think this last weekend was just another ripple to add to it all....

just some more ramblings from the Mrs.

LtM3L1ckU 40M

11/9/2005 9:12 pm

well luv, you know that i dont do the writing thing very well but...ever notice that i go on short tdy's when it seems that you want some time apart...crazy galactic coincedence or something? lol. and you know that what ever we need to do for us will get done. i luv you and miss very much. and i cant wait to be with you again

(Princess Lips)

11/10/2005 8:34 am

maybe a breather is what you need...



anchcpl4fun 40M/44F

11/15/2005 4:00 pm

We have had a chance to talk, not as much as i want seeing as he is in Texas until THnksgiving, but we will be ok. we always are, just need a little work, and a breather from the swinging scene. we will still see our friends, just wont be playing with them..LOL

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