hmmmm lets pick a random thought shall we??  

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9/13/2005 2:29 am

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hmmmm lets pick a random thought shall we??

well now, lets see, since i am sitting here sick, no hubby at home to spoil me I shall have a lil fantasy time. why not the runts are all in slumber land, yes i do believe its fantasy time....

i have gotten rid of the children to thier grandparents for the evening, hubby comes home later tonight, its only 7pm so i have time to get in my sexy duds and start some dinner, he should be rolling in around midnight. damnit I forgot to leave some lights on in the house. Still not used to it getting dark so fast and i soo hate to step into a dark house by myself.
i pull into the garage and walk into the really dark family room feeling for the light switch when suddenly someone grabs my arm and pulls it away from where i can get to the light. next thing I feel is being pulled into the room kinda forcefully, and the person pulling up behind me with one hand over my mouth and the other grabbing my hair, and being pushed over the arm of the couch. yeah first instinct is to bite the hell outta whoever is covering my mouth, but then i smell it, that cologne, and then I just hear, "uh huh, you know you want it bitch" and my stomach drops to my knees and im instantly wet. next thing i know my shirt is being forcibly ripped off, buttons no longer an issue, and the hand that was on my mouth is now gropping the front of my body working its way down to my skirt. its all happening soo fast and so hard I dont have time to react or say anything at all. i just suddenly am totally bent over the arm of the couch and this huge cock being shoved into my pussy while he is pulling my hair, telling me that he knew the lil whore wanted it like this. Of course it takes all of maybe two minutes for me to be screaming while he continues to Fuck me crazy, then I feel him getting larger which sends me off again, and we both cum this time.
GOD i love it when he comes home early to surprise me........

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