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1/18/2006 10:20 pm

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O.K. i was going through pics of the vacation, and now that I have had more then 24 hours without any fighting i was looking back on the whole experince and OMG it was awesome.....all the great pics of the kids.

If for no other reason then that, it was sooo worth every single second. I had so much fun watching them go all nutso over the total package...

My three year old is soo in love with the princesses and now she has pictures that she can have for ever with her with them. we are putting them in special frames just for her and her pretty lil princess room.

Our 7 year old is right there with daddy in his Stitch obsession and we have pics of them together too...

Then there is the 16 year old.....who got one charactor on his knees pretending to ask her to marry him....memories like that are priceless.

I even found some pics of my sisters and I actually having a really good time together. I am totally putting those in special "happiest Celebration on Earth" frames and giving them to both sisters. now that i am rested and not so pissy if you were to ask me, would i do it again...In a heart beat!

I have found a new favorite charactor. I never really paid much attention to Tink...but i think i really like her, snotty lil bitch that she is...she is totally cute with a serious attitude, reminds me of the teenager! I think thats what im going to start calling her..Tink! she'll totally hate it...hehehehehe

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