too less...or too much, i love you?  

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8/31/2006 8:26 am

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too less...or too much, i love you?

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Had you said too much...i love you?Or too less...i really love you? past relation or even present one? ask yourself...

Aright...keep saying if still by your side, had part point anymore?!

Daily routines...finish work alittle late, money counts, go dinner with some colleagues near by, fetch some back...discussing about work, they once ask me, why dont i try to impress the manager to offer something permanently for myself instead? my answer..." So sorry, to let you all dissapointed, you get what you see (of myself), this is being me, real me...i been of myself everytime! no much, no less!"

I dont like telling lies or others to tell lie to me, you all wont like that also right?? had not been doing that anyone either, not even WHITE LIE i would say..." i dont impress or try hard to impress anyone or just anyone, take it or leave it, simple?? " " if company think they need more manpower for the job, keep me!" " if not what the points/benefits of keeping me? " am prepared to go when the term is up or when i found something much BETTER!!

So...say LOVE ME? (and keep me!)
Or...REALLY LOVE ME? (still wanna keep me?) haha i would worth your wait surely...

...hmmm if not, i will disappear, dont get piss off if i told you so suddenly, its life...isnt it?

O.k ...AMi4you23

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