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Promises...Have you ever break your promise in your life? This date somewhere seem long time ago, when one of my best friend? accuse me of breaking promise to my god-sister(her wife now), it let me think so hard that i didnt make a promise anyway, just something on maybe. So nowadays still careful of giving promises (i know am a straight forward guy may accidently say something, let others think other wise), i never break my promise anyway...i swear

Lies...What are lies? why do peoples tell lies? serious lie that hurt so bad? 'white lie' that to prevent hurting others? (am not helping them to give excuses) cant yoU listen first? or ask what/why they tell lies before you got so piss off? there a way to tell...testing, maybe!

Notti me tell lie often when am younger, got punished by my mum rubbing chilli on the lip sitting near god praying site(try that before?) wonder i love chlli so much now!! when older i become so honest till someone so scared by my side, blast peoples who tell lies so bad like left...right...centre no other business, be glad i should thank my mum for this huh?!

Limits...what limits mean to you huh? what i do believe every elements in this whole damn world come with limits, in order to strike a balance! ehough is enough...i got limit?? you cant eat this good stuff too much no matter they are so good to your health, they have limit me! you can say am greedy...i eat almost everything by bits, maybe to get a balance!! that my limit...huh? haha

O.k ...AMi4you23

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