Natural born flirt...??  

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8/18/2006 5:43 am

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Natural born flirt...??

Hahaha ...had you hear of this term? someone told me she had been calling by others since at young age! ...and asked what do i think!! (why do you have to bother what others called you if you know what are you doing?)...those are real LAME! SOLLOW! beings...mind you, so sorry i dont see peoples, things this way!

There had been slut, bitchy words flying...peoples fooling around, what the crime of just been flirting? teasing? around for the fun of it? as long you dont sleep around anyhow ...that fine with me, so did they just call those HSD (high sex drive) a horny bitch/dude??

Common mates, which one of you ...whole life had not done this before? had you flirt with your school/class mates or friends before? had you tease your girl friends or girl you really like before? of course what i believe there are 'level', limits , 'terms and conditions', agreements what you may call it or even rules and regulations to it...hehe

I believe those out of hand, too overboard, with 'bad' intentions planed before hand are unwanted troubles, unseen disaster in the end ...maybe?!

I had said many times, you heard never listen right?? who cant flirt, tease? it not about can or cannot but want or dont want

O.k ...AMi4you23

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