My playmate (2)  

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My playmate (2)

Another boring one if you dun like them...

I take back fish keeping 10+ years after, seem everything, habits, water condition, feeding stuff change...just like humans

African/south America cichlids... most are colourful range form marble, red, white, purple, blue, green,yellow, black, brown, mud, gold, sliver...etc too many, different shape also,thick lip, bright alert eyes, can grown till quite a big size if you takcare of them well enuff. Active/lively, fast speed, aggressive and timid ones coz some eat only veg. stuff. Eat alot and shit alot as well so control their diet.

Goldfish... more common ones are in red but mostly are those 3 colour black, red, white there come in more colour like.. pearl white, orange red, black/white, tri-colour(black/white/red), red/white...there do have wild catch goldfish in green colour, sooner they grown they will turn into red, amazing right?? and you dont see a blue gold fish right? haha they are notti and timid as you think

Blood parrot... quite aggressive also, chase after each other or even your net down...traditional ones also come in red, they have another name 'red blood parrot' ...i use to buy them when they still consider 'babies' at lower cost, damn ugly like a young real parrot, grey in colour with red or both black strip, very strong 'never say die' life-line, easy to take care, seldom get sick! now new bleed are in pink, orange, gold yellow, red with black patch or sliver white (red eye)

Other cichlid...i guess?! i really dont know them, did got some info from the internet look alike but still not sure knew they are one cichlid bleed, (got only 2 of them with different look) one look cute, small in also, sliver body with black strip, red fins and tail, small eater, another had grow till quite a big adult size, long fin...grey colour with sliver spot, very aggressive boy but it still scare of me! haha

(this is how i see them...right or wrong you judge)

O.k ...AMi4you23

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