My buddy (1)  

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7/17/2006 9:58 am

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My buddy (1)

This will get abit boring for somebody who dun like them...

His name is call MANchester aka Ah Man, name after my favorite soccer team MU, ah man are more easier for my parents to call him too... A 4 years plus Jack russell buy from a near-by pet/dog farm when he only 3 moths old(imported from Australia), i think my parents can keep company with when they about to retire, especially my dad as he love dogs like me.

I dont use to have that much time(when i work) for him even i love him abit like a buddy, company... he use to been pamped by my elder sister alot before she moving to her own apartment years ago.

Very curious...very K.P.O haha , his cloth for tag-O-war or run after tennis ball we give him, hyper active at time yet still will listen to you like a human being sometime will even 'yawn' at you..seem like he answer back when i talk about him to friends regarding of him...infront of him haha anyway i use to 'talk' to him when am bored, sad or happy, he like to be with human i guess...sometime with kids but not when they shout or yeahing running about like mad! he hate funny, weird noise, peoples talking loudly from far background...and start baking!

When puppy...i lost 2 mobile charger, some wall paint...hehe when he start growing new set of teeth, use to have nightmare sometime...WOOOoo he will sound like this suddenly middle of the night which scare me at first, maybe he feel lonely also?? or am chasing after him, wanted to bit him up(of course with limit) when he like peeping around like no other business, i did do that from small when he keep dont listen to me...not to peep anywhere! he just have the same stubborn attitude!!

4 years later...already consider an adult , he still peep around sometime, i dont bit him up as much now...maybe feeling gullity of never bring him for a walk when am so tired or busy, peep after finishing a meal(wondering what that mean?), still love to go for walk just like addicted to 'shopping' even for 5 mins!! KAO he like hard dry food than soft, no seafood as he will vomit after that, when i scold him for doing wrong things, and somehow he knew is his fault, he will sit there and stare at me...listening, if not...he will walk away like...'acting blur'like nothing happened or doing his own shit!! haha

Gosh...sometime, ahhh...he got so horny sometime when on heat, hey...ouch!! stop holding my legs or hands again, scretching me with scars around, pain you know?? ...hehe jacking like...Wahahaha riding a horse...doggy style!! for this, he will choose and goes after any one of the family member day by day depend how his urge will last!

O.k ...AMi4you23

justcruising76 59F

7/17/2006 11:25 am

Thank you for this.I thouroughly enjoyed it. I have 5 of these buddies and i love them to bits. They are all adorable and each one has his own personality.

They are man's best friend for sure ..... x x x xx x

Take good care of yourself and always love the animals !!!!!!They return the bit of love we give to them with unconditional love !!!!

ami4you23 44M
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7/17/2006 8:57 pm

justcruising76...thx for your kindly reply as well, glad you did enjoy to bits huh?! haha i cun have 5 of them like you do coz of my condition here and time i can spare for them, it kinds of cruel if i insist...right?? yes, they somehow just like humans if you look at each and every one of them carefully, they have unique own personality too...i just treat him like 'human' sometime, talk to him when am bored, sad or happy...i know , kind of crazy to peoples who hate pet! hehe

Thank again...dun worry, i will take good care of myself, you too! i always love animals...unconditional love, they cun complain like we do(if they did) so...we had to love them more!

O.k ...AMi4you23

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