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8/13/2006 4:10 am

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I am stuck in a room, without the key...she had it! nowhere to go just a small room inside her

She let me than my legs had already numbed, cant walk...she just push me in a corner all by myself!

Dont need it now...she yell, maybe future...she whisper softly, as i helplessly just stuck there! ...speakless

Cant convince herself enough i am the one, really the one who...want to, by her side every moment, she never feel...scare to feel maybe?!

Too stubborn to admit, you needed someone around and am the shown and proven you need someone, dont cheat yourself anymore, baby! but...who? (of course you have the right after all to choose the best one prefer)

He is with you for past year, so? he still can...didnt i told you so before?? no still me (alittle upset maybe), you are still you...never lost a bits, i really dont mind to lock inside you...go everywhere you go, you hear me now?

Never will i force you, be forceful when i knew you want freedom most, you still can have the loneliness you prefer i'll be with you, still can go anywhere you wanted, be with anybody you wish...go, just go...(i'll be with you...inside you)


O.k ...AMi4you23

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