Am not finished yet...not so easy! hehe  

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8/10/2006 11:13 am

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8/10/2006 12:00 pm

Am not finished yet...not so easy! hehe

Remember...'never say die'?? can i end it so fast, nevermind i will endure some more...we shall see

Do you have a good day today, dude nope...i just dont have no matter how i try, imagine early in the morning...WAH KAO!

Okay, i just been cheapskate quitting my "well pay" shit job just because they aiming me...coming up all type of 'office politic trick' expect me to resign so they can save cost to employ 2 workers from my previous salary. Am now just a temp admin asst for good?? ...mind you, it nothing better...more to come i guess!

Humans are always human...some maybe good, some..he he same old kind bloody piss off bitch or bull? i am new to office job, if they never teach am i going to learn? if they stop me from asking things i dont know...can they expect me to know more? i do something right...they smile like a peakcock blossom, when i do the wrong stuff...their face are as black as the crow asshole...haha HEAR THAT if you are my BOSS or superior...dont think you can buy off me with little tiny pay roll just to do SUPER multi-tasking job, i have my pride, my worth please make use of it not waste them (even if it abit hard on my billing i know)...i wont die, i will live better each fall...

Only to last for a 3-6 or less months more, if i found anything better along or before asked me to convert ...haha good luck to whoever concern, time up mate! GAME OVER!!

FUCK OFF my sight not even worth my brick!!

O.k ...AMi4you23

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