A catch FISH  

amegovivek 29M
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7/25/2006 11:14 pm
A catch FISH

i heard this stori(y) in my childhood days.
once there was a fish(small child) living with her parents(big gold coloured ones. she loved to travel and shopping(as most women do) and used to go far away from her parents to meet new people(fishes here). but her parents had warned her not to go too far as there were many predators looking for prey...
she didnt seem to listen to her parents.(ya u guessed it write she is going to land into a trouble). so where was i....hmm.
ya one fine day she was almost caught by a shark and the other day she she escaped from a group of drunk crabs(some alcoholic oceanic whiskey)
.she got a scholding of her life from her parents and pledged that she will not go alone anywhere...
MORAL of the stori---
1--always obey ur elders.
2--childerens shouldnt go out alone.
3--dont try to find too much MORALS from such stories..
NOTE*** if any 1 can find more plz let me know
yours vivek

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