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8/14/2005 6:00 pm

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OK, so I'm not going to be appearing on the cover of any romance novels any time soon. But I I'm not ugly, either.

Back when I was dating, I realized I had more "luck" with the sensitive approach. not that I was using it as a tact into the sack - I am sensitive.

But right now, I just don't want to be sensitive. I've been used as a free psychotherapist for years, and even though I truly enjoy helping those I love, I've been putting my own base needs and desires away too much.

Not to get to therapy-talky, but howzabout some me time, you know?

Only now I discover that only the shallow get to be shallow. Not that everyone here with "athletic" in their physical attribute is shallow, but can't someone with a thick next to their body size in their profil also get o be a little flighty just once? Or am I doomed to eternal sensitivity?

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