man what the hell was I thinking?  

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9/18/2005 8:11 pm

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man what the hell was I thinking?

I'm starting to see just how much of a void I'v emerged out of.
The past number of years, I've all but denied my own sexual existence, for Christ's sake! And before that, while I may not have been a redical swinger, I was not exactly a right wing republican, either.
Best example? I was a cast member of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Harvard Square for about 4 years. And while there, there was a good amount of time when I was the only straight guy on the cast, at a time when most of the females on the cast were straight and had a reluctance to date the bi-guys. (Too many were being burned by the bi-turning gay, but wanted one list foray into female flesh syndrome).
My purity score is quite low as a result.
Sex in a coffin? Yup. It was a why the hell not, we have a coffin as bpart of the prop collection kind of thing.
Sex in a public place? How's the Church St theatre grab you? yes it was full, and no, the audience was oblivious, but technicalities count in all purity tests.
And what a den of casual sex that was.
Yes, I wore fishnets. in front of the crowd. It was rediculous fun.
I played the roles of Eddie/Dr Scott for some time (the two roles are often played bvy one cast member, in part because Meatloaf performed on stage, yes on stage, in the theatrical versions of the show in both roles), and then Rif Raf for quite some time before leaving the cast.
Then, I got married... but that's another blog entry on another site...
I'm just starting to realize just how much of myself is aching to re-emerge, just how much of who I am has been buried. It will be a fun time in the next few years.

CuriousAries67 49F

10/16/2005 9:30 pm

Self-realization is a marvelous gift. Keep writing. Re-emergence will follow. ~Aries

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