A little setup, abott?  

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7/31/2005 5:37 pm

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A little setup, abott?

So what the hell do you mean, rediscovery?

Well, here's the skinny, which I'm not.

Recently divorced, perhaps too recently for my own good.

Before the marriage, I delved into sexuality in many ways, though all straight in orientation. I grew up in a rather bizarre home where sexuality, as well as booze and drugs, were encouraged.

I plan on posting a few entires on those experiences in the next few days or weeks. It's the helathy side of that part of my life I'd like to rekindle.

It was odd, fun, neither vast nor sparse, and contained many good experiences. They range from high school sweetheart and the personal discovery of sex, through college hedonism, through being the only straight guy in the Boston cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, through wholesome and emotionally fulfilling love making.

Then there was the marriage, which although not entirely bad, had its weak points - sex being the biggest. Being the partner to an abuse survivor has its drawbacks. In the years of turning the other cheek (as well as other body parts) when my partner confused me with her , I realize now I lost touch with that side of myslef people should never let go of.

So, let's find it again.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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