New places.  

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5/8/2006 6:45 am

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5/15/2006 2:54 pm

New places.

When you entered the room I was wondering who you were. The warm welcomes from others alerted me as to your identity. A stunning woman by your side and recognition was made easy.

When you started walking across the room during the game, my breath caught. Was that devilish grin directed at me? OMG it was. What had the dice said? With you sitting in front of me it took all my control not to bolt out the door. Toes? Did you say toes? No way! I so hate my toes messed with. There was something in your manner that made me sit still.

The game continued and it was your turn. When invited to join the lovely ladies in the fun, I didn't hesitate. Licking and sucking your nipples, using my finger nails to tease your flesh. Watching the your reactions when all three of us had our tongues on you. Hearing your quiet moans of pleasure while both nipples and cock got attention. Then someone said switch, and my shyness kicked in. Not ready to take you into my mouth, not feeling secure. The kindness of my partners in crime and I got to switch to the other nipple. Thank Goodness! Switch again? Your kidding!! OK no way out, be brave, just do it, deep breath and go. Was I actually sucking on your cock in a room full of people? OMG, I was! Not only was I doing it, but I was enjoying it. I loved your reaction to my mouth and tongue. You were enjoying it too, whew relief, I was doing ok. When you made the comment about loving draginfy's I thought I would choke. Instead I laughed so hard that you were forced out of my mouth at an incredible rate. I was glad you liked it and sorry that I couldn't control my laughter and keep going.

Most of the evening I wanted to approach you. Could I do that? Would I get rejected? Your lovely lady and I talked. Maybe it would be ok. Maybe I could do it. Time passing, come on just do it. Get it over with, then you will know either way. Yes, or no.

Relief, great relief. Thank you for asking, thank you for moving first. Yes, I would like to go private with you. Again relief that you agreed when I asked if your lady could join us.

In the room, talking, discussing, connecting. Was it possible that we all had so much in common? This must be my imagination. No, both of you are real. I'm not dreaming. No halucination.

Naked laying on the bed, the touch of your hand, the brush of the flogger. The smack of your hand, the cool of the leather. My breathing changes, my reactions increase. Intensity builds, emtions release. Release, yes, sweet release. I struggle to maintain, not to let go. You push at my limits, my nature soars.

The places you took me I never ventured into before. An act of submission to give you what you need. Is it enough? Did you get anything from it? Can't hold out any longer. Soaring, collapsing within to to reach new heights. My mind racing, my pulse racing. Space reaching in to take me, maintaining again. Breathing.

New friends found, new heights reached, old limits broken. Thank you.

I do bad very well!!

ohcurious14 59M
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5/10/2006 1:32 am

As i too walked into the room you were one of the first people i noticed also.I had hoped you would be there.In your writings in your posts i had an inkling of an idea you just might be submissive. My assumption was correct and the rest of the day and evening is almost beyond words. I will agree i picked a bad time to say i liked dragonflies but the reaction i got from that and the reactions we shared later made it so worth while. ADF, I am humbled to of been able to share a wonderful play session with you.One i will never forget. I also look forward to not only fellowship and friends but also more playtime with you and NB as well. A most rememorable evening. I am truly humbled.

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