Not for the timid....  

amberabercrombie 37F
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2/28/2006 11:30 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Not for the timid....

On my never ending quest to NOT be normal tonight, I came across these sex positions and you can bet your ass, I'm gonna try each and every one of these! What I want to know is, am I missing any, have you tried any of these and what the results where! FYI, details ALWAYS welcome..

The Backstairs Boogie -- Kneel in front of your partner at the landing of a staircase, both of you facing the stairs, your bodies meshed tightly. While you reach up and hold on to each side of the staircase for support (or to the stairs themselves), he holds your hips and penetrates you from behind.

G-Spot Jammer -- The woman lays on her side in an L shaped position. The man also lays on his side, his head towards her feet. He enters her, and she can stabilize herself by placing her feet on his shoulder or neck. You get great penetration, not to mention good G-Spot contact.

The Bridge -- The woman needs to lean into and arch,(start off the ground or bend the back)she needs to be supple! The man then grasps the hips and enters her, this is a slow motion position don't go too fast!

Float Your Boat -- This would take place in a whirl pool or the shallow end of a pool. The woman lies on her back and has to stay afloat while the man straddles her legs and penetrates.

The Wheelbarrow -- The woman should rest her arms on a chair while the man lifts her legs and supports her while she wraps her legs around him. He should then proceed. This is very similar to the Upside-Down, yet involves the use of a chair.

Planning Assistant -- Both man and woman lie on their backs, with woman on top of man. This allows for deep penetration when the woman arches her back away from the man, and makes both breast and clitoral stimulation quite easy. Both partners can stay parallel to one another, or may gradually move around so that they are "crossing" one another, at a 90-degree angle or so.

Upside Down -- The woman lays on her back and allows the man to enter her. She then wraps her legs around him as he lifts her up. She should hold onto him with her legs. She puts her hands on the floor as if she is doing a hand stand. He then proceeds.

Head to Toe -- The man should lie flat on his back with his legs spread and allow the woman to lower herself onto his penis, facing him. She then leans backwards, with her legs to his side and toes pointing towards his head. Both partners should be looking at the ceiling. In this position, the partners cannot see each other and must rely on their sense of touch. Neither partner has the ability to move much which focuses attention to the genitals.

Cuissade -- The woman should lie on her back with her legs to her side at a 90° angle. With the man at her side, she should raise the leg nearest to him and allow him to enter from under her thigh, (the "cuisse" in French, thus the meaning behind the name). His nearest leg should cross her body. The woman can use her thigh to control the depth of penetration, making it more exciting or intimate. This position allows the couple to be close and hold each other and kiss if they so desire.

Cross -- The woman should lie flat on the bed and open her legs to allow the man to enter her. The man should lie diagonally across the woman and rock gently from side to side after penetration. The woman can use her hands to control his movements and guide him. This position works with either the man or woman on top.

Well ...?

methodman1000 39M
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3/1/2006 12:10 am

taking notes.......

timberwolf6972 44M

3/1/2006 12:17 am

Those will be on my list for things to try! {=}

sillyperv 54M

3/1/2006 8:54 am

This is what you get from watching 2 weeks of Olympics. All these positions must need judges.

rm_Crazyman1169 47M
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3/1/2006 11:56 am

Well 'crombie, since this is the second time it's just going to get better. You can take the gloves off pretty soon. So I see that you found these positions in a book and not experienced them for yourself. Ahh you poor girl. You're not just a missionary/ doggie/ on top type of girl are you? I'v experienced pretty much all those in some variation and I must agree with the other guy, the float your boat, you need to have a lifeguard

onenonlydave_77 39M

3/1/2006 4:31 pm

You were looking for others... How about "The Monkey"

Seducing the hairiest man she can find at the bar... the woman brings him home to her back yard, garage, or bedroom. Stripping him naked she ties his arms to a tree or other immovable object with a strong jungle vine or other suitable rope like material. The woman then disrobes - jumps around wildly screaming like a wild monkey and flings shit at the man!

rm_Crazyman1169 47M
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3/1/2006 8:49 pm

C'mon ' not getting enough sex kinda gal... I mean with your imagination and linguistic savy (ooooh try saying that 5 times fast while going oral on a female) should be beating them off with a stick. I'm a lick and stick kind of guy.
Your own positions?!?!?!hhmmmmmmm

Does anybody hear the theme for baywatch?

onenonlydave_77 39M

3/2/2006 3:19 pm

Amber - If you did it???

To take a line from Meatloaf... "I would do any thing for love, but I won't do that!"

SlowPlayin 50M

3/2/2006 4:45 pm

I guess I'll have to get the room for the whole weekend, then?


SlowPlayin 50M

3/2/2006 7:34 pm

Damn ... you remember that? Did I really say that? What was I thinking? lol


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