Fuck me...I'm old...!  

amberabercrombie 37F
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5/24/2006 6:20 am

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6/6/2006 9:40 am

Fuck me...I'm old...!

You ever notice the older you get the more your taste changes in certain aspects..? I'm finding I'm no longer attracted to the man I was in my teens....I'm finding a personality can make a man look brilliant and sexy in my eyes....I find the older I get the older the man has to be for me...God for bid I'm finding I'm becoming much more domestic around the house...I'm finding bars and clubs now boring.....I find myself golfing on weekends rather than planning my next big outing with the girls....Things that use to appeal to me...oh say 7 years ago...no longer hold my interest....

There use to be a time when I was so damn picky with men that if their eyebrows didn’t match...I didn’t date them....There were times when the only sex I enjoyed was long passionate candle lit romantic encounters....there was a time when my weekends consisted of drinking...flirting...dancing and teasing.....I tell you the older I get....the more things change....the more I change...

How about you....do you find the older you get the more you change...do things that appealed to you years ago still hold your interest...Do you find your tastes and wants..likings and needs changing in the bedroom.....are you aging gracefully with tastes going from beer and hot dogs to caviar likings..?....Has age changed you..?

Phuc_Buddy 46M

5/24/2006 6:44 am

Of course age changes us all, sometimes for the good sometimes for the bad. Many of my interests and wants of he past hold no excitement for me now. I look back at them and see them for what they were...insignificant distratctions.

LOL...from beer to caviar, well not yet. My tastes have definitely changed. Way back I was a hard alcohol right from the bottle guy. Now I'm all about the martini and the vino.

BTW - he is one oler guy that likes the fact that your tastes are changing!

rm_zahuma2 50M
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5/24/2006 6:52 am

you are right ....
The older one grows, more choosy he/she becomes.
I feel that there are a lot of changes that have and are taking place in me.

Djeeper1987 47M

5/24/2006 7:05 am

The older I get the harder it is to get laid. LOL Just kidding, but really thats kinda of true anyway. I do believe in the fact as you get older you are changing in your outlook toward people as to how you feel and what you perfer to do now days then you did before. Those changes are something to deal with in how you choose your mates, or possible future lover.

Carpe Diem

honeycomb1974 44M/43F
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5/24/2006 7:05 am

Its not that my taste have change, it is the fact that I am more willing to go after what I want. I still love the same foods its just now I know that if I eat them it will end up on my hips. Isn't getting old fun? Honey

puntachueca 105M

5/24/2006 7:13 am

Yep. The age range in which women are attractive has grown..now it is between your age and 62. However the actual range of real life relationships is more like 59-62. I kind of see women in my age range much more attractive because they are experienced in life and have a lot more to share. Also, the priority of sex changes...yes it is still very important...but there's also lots more other stuff too.
It is very encouraging, though, to run across younger ladies who are thinking and exploring a lot of really serious and important stuff. The Goddess population is growing as a result. This is good for all of us.

rm_Horsn_round 56M
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5/24/2006 7:15 am

Age has changed my outlook in a lot of areas. One thing that's consistent across them all is patience. When it comes to sex, with patience has allowed me to become more open to new experiences. I’ve become more flexible.

On the other hand, age has taken away the physical flexibility I enjoyed when I was younger. This reminds me of an old story.

There were two bulls standing at the top of a hill overlooking a grassy meadow full of heifers. The younger bull said to the older bull, “Let’s run down there and fuck a heifer!”

The older bull replies, “Let’s walk down there and fuck ‘em all.”

If you were my homework, I'd do you everyday, in every possible way.

Nightguy_1961 55M
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5/24/2006 7:28 am

Age has indeed changed me...when I was younger, I used to be optimistic about life and love and such.....

Now, I'm just an embittered cynic about most things, if not everything. People are only out for themselves nowadays; not giving a damn about anyone else.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.....

NG61...disappearing into the darkness...

alphuctup 40M

5/24/2006 7:43 am

Damn right, as a reckless youngster I was only interested in slutty slim things. These days I'm going for a more homely type with sturdy child-baring hips and an ample bussom!

Men are famously less mature than their female counterparts, they also say we age like fine wines so this might explain why quite a lot of women go for a slightly older gentleman. I've just got my fingers crossed hoping that I haven't corked!

rm_gerson42 52M
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5/24/2006 7:50 am

Age applied appropriately equates to experience. Experience to not only know what one desires but what truley matters. What matters to me is not the intensity nor the perfection of the single or fleeting moment but the lasting effect and memory created.

jd29992z 54M
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5/24/2006 7:53 am

Yes it dose like a fine wine we (well most of us anyway) get more flavor we expand our horizons, that cute hottie boy you used to like then now has the mental equivalence of a pile of play dough, not so attractive once they open their mouths to talk. We mature and grow seeking mental stimulation as well as physical. The little imperfections that you used to hate are now more interesting and add to the persons individuality who they are and how the cope with not being perfect and just being human and who they are. To quote a friend of mine "When your ugly you gots to be cool!" It is funny how physical attraction is still there but it is not as important as mental attraction. Been there I have thought wow this girl is beautiful but my God she is retarded run! You are not getting old (a frame of mind anyway) you are getting wise there is a big difference. Later girl JD

fijiguy610 57M  
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5/24/2006 7:58 am

Welcome, dear Amber, to maturity.

Yes, as time goes by we all change. For women, change happens with greater frequency and with greater amount of change. Men don't change as drastically. Some of it has to do with how are bodies are maturing and changing. Our lifestyles has a lot to do with it as well. The older we get the more responsibilities, pressure, stress, worries... It all adds up to wear on our mind and body.

Consequently, we find our selves enjoying different activities and people then we did earlier in life. At age 26 you have many good years to look forward to. Have fun with it and with those you choose to spend it with. Too bad I'm not 20 years younger and lived closer to you babe.


concupiscentKid 40M

5/24/2006 8:24 am

26 is old?
Yes, many changes especially in my musical taste.
'Imperfections' in the opposite sex that I formerly eschewed, I
now find endearing.

qship52 63M

5/24/2006 9:08 am

Do you find yourself turning into your mother?

Yes, I've changed as I have aged. Sexually I've changed a lot, and am just now rediscovering myself as things changed so much in the past few years.

Non-sexually, I've become much more patient and easygoing than I used to be, and I was pretty easygoing before. I'm comfortable with myself now.

As far as eating, I'm gradually expanding my culinary horizons, but I still really enjoy getting that corn dog at the state fair!

RUNT1972 44M/43F
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5/24/2006 9:11 am

I have to say my taste have not changed as far back as I can remember. I still like every thing I used to like, I just keep adding some new ones. Runt

AryanUnpinSalts 49M

5/24/2006 9:42 am

Of course.
One of the interesting things about these changes is the way some people are always talking about getting to be, "like I used to be". The reality of how our heads work is that we are a combination of the consequences of all of our past actions. As we learn about new opportunities in life and/or become bored with drinking etc.. we start to have a deeper understanding of what we want to get out of life.
I've found that as I get older the things that interest me much more than when I was younger is trying to do things that benefit others. I find that in the long run these types of activities give me longer and more peaceful happyness than when it was all about the big night on the town.

SleekIcilyVarix 41M

5/24/2006 9:45 am

I'm heading towards 31 now, and I've definitely changed. I've learned a lot about myself, I've learned more about what's important to me, I've learned what I want and what I don't want...I've made mistakes and learned from them. I know what I'm willing to compromise on, and what makes a deal-breaker. I know the quality of connection I need to have with a woman in order to be happy. My tastes have changed, (10 years ago I was a long-haired, ears pierced, experimenting with drugs, aspiring computer programmer). I'm now a short-haired, no earrings, no drugs former teacher turned grad student. I'd like to think that as I grow older, I grow a little wiser, and I try not to make the same mistakes twice. I'm still learning, still making mistakes, still changing.
Anyhow, you're not alone there (Holy Longwinded response, Batman!..oops)

oldude1946 71M

5/24/2006 9:56 am

Fuck me...I'm old...! Hell, I have underware older than you, wait, let me look. Naw, that old underware is gone and been replaced with some little bitty stuff.

Look at me, I have one foot in the grave and my ass is on the ground. The thing is I still have women come around my place to see me, so I pull my ass up, suck in my gut untill I turn blue.

The truth is that things do change when you get older

rm_cnilingsfan2 48M
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5/24/2006 9:58 am

I find going out to a pub or bar not anywhere near as appealing as 10-15 years ago. I mean I went out Fri. Sat. and 1 or 2 other nights of the week back then. Now I find it can be quite awhile between visits to a bar. I prefer to go out a few times a week to play hockey, fish, mountain bike. I guess we make so many mistakes as we are younger because we are always running around going nowhere, as we get older we slow down and appreciate things more. As for a nice set of legs and breast they are still nice to look at and enjoy but I do find talking and joking with women more important now then back then. I mean if you told me when I was 20 that a woman with a great sense of humor was a hugh turn on I would have thought it was a joke

pet_humility 48F

5/24/2006 10:03 am

Alot changes...
I use to love to go to Cedar Point and have that thrill. Now I will cry like a baby if I got on that Power Tower.
There's food also that I don't care for that I use to love.

And oh yes the taste in men for sure changes.

the_bear21 45M

5/24/2006 10:32 am

Some things change, but others stay the same. Everyone wants to fuck the most successful guy. This is constant and ageless. But, what does change is the definition of successful. In high school, the captain of the football team is the most successful male. Later in life, the CEO of a fortune 500 the is the most successful. It takes a few years to become successful by the grownup definition, this is why women go for older men. The other reason is even older men are still able have successful offspring, a slower biological clock. Women make the transition from wanting George Clooney instead of Mark Wahlberg at different points in their lives. Being a nerd instead of a jock, I was only too happy to see women make this transition.

digdug41 49M

5/24/2006 10:58 am

God yes I have changed in my 38 years on the planet I used to love going to rock shows but now I am amazed at how bright the lights are and the music is sooo loud my back starts to hurt and I am ready to call it a night, I'd rather relax now and listen to john coltrane and cuddle up with the mrs but I still love my rock music I am just not so apt to go to the shows like I used to

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

RockPebble 69M
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5/24/2006 11:25 am

ROF LMAO. Old, not hardly, please call it maturing. Oldude and I can can use the O word and I do have some clothes older than you are even if he doesn't.

As you mature your taste does too. I can understand why you wouldn't be attracted to teenagers any more, lol. It is normal to want someone with more depth as you gain experience, it would be boring otherwise.

sillyperv 54M

5/24/2006 11:29 am

Oh, I'm still attracted to the same types of women as when I was a teenager - the only thing that's changed is that it's kind of immoral.

Still get the same types of looks though.

rm_lust2u2 51M

5/24/2006 12:05 pm

Yes, long lasting "quality aspects" appeal more today than earlier (sad to say?).

rm_ClitPumper1 49M
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5/24/2006 1:27 pm

How would you like to be FUCKED INTO UNCONSCIOUSNESS?

rm_Shortdogg65 51M
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5/24/2006 1:33 pm

The biggest change i've noticed is that while I can still do the things I did 20 years ago, it takes a bit longer to recover. I'm also less finicky about what I eat. I don't have a sex life so that hasn't changed. Shortdogg

luvtoski500 63M

5/24/2006 2:00 pm

It's not so much that I have changed, but rather accepted the predicament, marriage. I was used to meeting women all of the time, sex with many partners primarily without love. Now I have love but the sex isn't the same. I miss the wildness, the unpredictable, the first kiss, the first sex. Just like everything else, you always want what you don't have and you don't appreciate it until you don't have it any more. I would like to relive some of my wild times before I am too old to enjoy them.

vidiohunter 51M

5/24/2006 2:31 pm

yep , spend more time thinkin about what I want in a life mate ,seem to be way less inerested in the party pepz,life mates, not just lovers ,but both sexes ,friend till the end kinda thing,more into my own goals ,what I want, a little self centered is a good thing

rm_kinkinky 55M
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5/24/2006 3:01 pm

everyday i see thhe changes in taste!
most of all i want kinky sex-the kinkier the better!

BadAssBlonde1 57F
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5/24/2006 3:15 pm

Yes, age has a great deal to do with outlook. For me, I have become more focused, if that is possible for One that was born grown. As the years pass darlin' ... you will find many things will change. Most of the time, for the better. With years, wisdom comes. I must say that my taste in men have changed very little over the years. My taste in women has been the biggest change. I don't do well with un-kept women or those that use profanity. That is something I never tolerated in men. All in all, I am attempting to age gracefully.

Lady Hunter / BAB

After all the sex is gone, there is the mind - Lady Hunter / BAB

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Dildo_replacemen 38M

5/24/2006 4:24 pm

My tastes and what I want have not changed much over the years, but my body and mind have. I was never big into partying nor did I slept around, I've always been picky when it comes to the opposite sex. What I found appealing when I was in my teens I still find appealing how, intelligence, honesty, a good conversation, captivating eyes, and someone who looks after themselves... so I was always attracted to older women. My "needs" if anything have increased as I've aged, I think more about it now then I ever did when I was a teen. I know my appeal has changed, it's true... when I was younger I was very skinny (oh god), shy and unsure of myself... now I'm in the greatest shape of my life, occasionally shy but much more confident (adequately confident I might add).

When I was young I was always told I looked younger than I acted, and now I think my body has finally caught up to my mind/maturity.

tlandc 47M/44F

5/24/2006 4:29 pm

CHANGE is good;if things stayed the same,life would be boring.

rm_Twister2bed 47M
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5/24/2006 4:38 pm

Oh great just remind me I'm a senial old man why doncha.

Wait till you add 10 years to your age like me and see what changes

Life is about change nothing ever stays the same, I just make it a point to stay young at heart and look at the world with a childs wonder.

My observations about age...Enjoy your life and the simple pleasures you find in the simple things life has to offer.
I don't waste my life gathering trinkets and valuables because I can't take them with me.
It can be over in the twinkle of an eye.

rm_1hotwahine 63F
21091 posts
5/24/2006 4:43 pm

This post was very timely for me, because lately, for reasons that I will not blog about I've been freaking out regarding the havoc that has been wrought on my bod by age. There are a few areas of irony about reading this on your blog, one of which being that I am exactly twice as old as you. Two thoughts:

1. In relation to you - three cheers for these changes coming about before you even hit 30. You are showing WAY more depth than I did at 26. No shit. You're doing great.

2. In relation to me - What I want to focus on is -- only men who have enough depth to appreciate my wisdom and love of life over my wrinkles, sags and Santa Clause belly are worthy of my attention these days. I may need reminded of that every now and then. This, however, was a particularly good one. Thanks.

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

whiskeytownblue 48M
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5/24/2006 5:59 pm

An interesting perspective and an interesting subject. How we do go through an enormous growth period. Throughout our lives we are subject to choices. Our beliefs, tastes and general ways of life change. I have seen some crazy changes in my life. You'd be lucky to catch me at the taco bell drive threw these days. I'd much rather eat sushi and drink saki. Making out in the car in high school...hahaha...no more, but it still is damn fun as i found from a recent experience. Life goes on...Stay young and you'll live happy.

whiskeytownblue says hi

beatpoeme 54M

5/24/2006 7:29 pm

Woody Allen said "when you get an 80 year old man alone in a room with two 19 year old girls, nothing happens because the real problems never change".

There is a nubility factor obviously for an older man, a certain amount of fecundity can define his virility. To me age is not an issue. My tastes do change but I have become more open to expression regardless of age, though there are limits. But if I think back to my teen years I do remember being a little picky in what I was looking for, though very unrealistic. Eventually though when I felt moved by a females presence and aura I would make my move and ask questions later.


FunFlirty4u 46F

5/24/2006 7:42 pm

More domestic for sure and definetely horny as hell.

Kamikazewild2005 38M/29F
10 posts
5/24/2006 8:07 pm

Hey Amber,

I think I've just become a little more open minded and wiser. Becoming independent and landing a awesome job really made me take some things in my life a little bit more seriously.

P.S. Amber did you ever get that email I sent you ?

JaniSux 44F

5/24/2006 8:32 pm

Hmmmm.. now there's a story but I'll try to make it short. My younger sis G told my older sis JD about my exploits here on AdultFriendFinder and the fact that I have met a few men from here..

JD confronted me, probably in hopes that I'd run in shame or deny the truth but instead, I admitted the truth, because I'm a single grown ass woman and I can do whatever the hell I choose to, or whomever I choose.. lol

I shocked her and she was beet red and she had the nerve to say, "Why didn't you do all that when you were younger?" Uhmmm like she did I guess.. she was a major slut whn we were young and the truth is, that because of her (and many other things) I didn't have the confidence or experimental nature that I have now at the ripe old age of 34.. lol

Yeah my tastes have changed, but so have the things that I will and will not do..


rm_bk2nrml 57M

5/24/2006 9:11 pm

i started feeling that way when i turned 30. i didnt need to hit the bars and roam the streets. the bars sounded noisier, even though i knew they werent any different. i was happy having friends over, cookin' out, drinkin', smokin', playing cards. sexually, for the last couple of years, i have an overwhelming urge to start doing it all or its going to be too late. im wondering if im peaking or something. what makes it worse, is that there doesnt seem to be anybody in this city that wants to spread their wings some. its EXTREMELY frustrating !


smackyman 46M
3845 posts
5/24/2006 9:19 pm

Tastes and interests have started to migrate for me just as they have for you. However, hotdogs I find, are still a good snack for me anytime!

rm_tlaw781 39M

5/24/2006 9:25 pm

Yeah changes are pretty crazy. Likes, dislikes, wants, needs,etc. On my birthday a few years back I was with some of my best friends and we were walking from the bar since we had realized driving was not in our best interests like we thought it used to be. But maybe I should've caught a cab because as we were crossing a bridge over one of the biggest rivers in the U.S. I got the brilliant need to swim across it..thru the ice..on the coldest night of the year..Damn that was fun. My point being everybody deals with change differently but hopefully the change is for the better and not the worse. One of the funnest ways to watch change for myself is to go through my music library and listen to great music I've listened to my whole life. Even though I've listened to some thousands of times I often find a new meaning in the simplest of phrases or words in a song and I realize I've changed in that sense.

elysianpleasure 47M

5/24/2006 10:41 pm

Change is part of life... I used to like Twinkies... and I can't eat that stuff anymore. My taste and expectations have become far more refined. My patience in some places better... and in others it is gone. Our experiences change us. Our realization of our humanity and imperfections change us... but I think change if taken in the right way is good.

blueguy1051 60M

5/25/2006 12:00 am

Yeah, I remember when I would have never gone for an old woman of 26, but you look pretty good now.

I was sitting in a restaurant watching two women having dinner. Both were very good looking, but I was really attracted to one of them. When they got up to leave, I overheard their conversation, and realized the one I thought was most attractive was the other's mother.

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

5/25/2006 1:32 am

I am more picky now, and looks are not that important

chasingfun27 38M
1108 posts
5/25/2006 4:17 am

Age has absolutely ruined me! I swear I'll be the first person ever to die from a hangover.

rrr45044 61M

5/25/2006 7:16 am

Change is good. I find that as i get older, I pay less attention to the little things I used to think were so important -- realizing that the little things weren't really important after all. Focus changes from doing things to seeing things and fostering really good relationships rather than 'running up the score'.

rm_Naked_Spur 64M

5/25/2006 1:58 pm

Age has no boundaries . . . Words can not express your beauty for a mountain stream would lose its sweet and beautiful melody if our Creator took away its rocks . . . The eyes is a mirror of your soul and when they touch the silence will speak with no questions unanswered to your character. Inside is what counts deep within a place where words can not enter that is not essential to ones eye.
May a warm breeze caress you gently always softly stirred by the breath of its Creator as you walk in beauty along the trail of life for you are blessed Vaya con Dios

GreyFox_in_LV 68M
167 posts
5/25/2006 2:34 pm

I found that for me, as I grew older, that I may not always know what I want, but what I don't want.
Failure is a great teacher.
I've found that I needed to be more specific about what I did want and speak up and ask for it. Others can't read my mind.

Be Safe and Party on!

Whispersoftly5 52F
15176 posts
5/25/2006 4:36 pm

The best thing about getting older for me is the way I have not come to just accept who I am, but embrace who I am. Very liberating and influences so many different aspects of living my life that I just can't even begin to tell you. Life is sweet!!!


docdirk 47M

5/25/2006 5:29 pm

As I get older, I seem to be more attracted to the self-inflating dolls. The manual one's take too much out of me.

Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

rm_agathon12 46M
1311 posts
5/25/2006 5:59 pm

I'm sure someone else has said this but I'm better now that I'm older. I take my time and I'm more focused upon on my partner. Of course, I can never remember her name since I'm going senile....

ososober1 41M
69 posts
5/25/2006 10:08 pm

that is so true, even our taste in cars and other forms of transport change, when i was younger i went to out clubbing every weekend, now, i just be bothered, it does not exite me anymore

rm_TNmbigshaft 39M

5/25/2006 10:56 pm

Age hasn't change me much...I'm still attracted to woman with a curvy body (not too many lumps though), medium length to long hair, beautiful bedroom eyes, sensual lips, and nice butt (or breasts or long legs)...

Thing is though, I think I just described you

goodguysneedit2 56M

5/26/2006 4:54 am

Oh gawd yes...
My taste in women has blossomed over the years.
While the younger women will always have a nacent appeal, it's women around my same age or older that rock me.
It's the cerebral nature of a mature woman who is completely in touch with her sensuality... a woman who is settled into herself and acceptant of who she is.... a woman who can talk...yes talk about deeper issues of self and the world... a woman whose internal calm oozes out of her in a highly arousing way...a woman who has been there, done that...told the tale...and has somehow now found herself with me.
Fantasy of the moment, perhaps, due to the latter-mentioned...but I've been there, and want to be there again.
Nothing compares. Nothing at all.

Helper874 45M

5/26/2006 7:36 pm

Thank You....absolutely needed that one. Perfect blog. Yes, I am with You. I have found that a lot has changed in the past 15 years. I do not look at things as I used to. I find that a sexy mind, a quick wit, and a charming personality will get my attention faster now. I find that eyes and hair just stop me in my tracks...ROFL. I think I am getting more sophisticated..(still have not gotten into that golf thing yet....LMA

The problem comes when You change from what you thought you liked, and so does your spouse. You still love each other more then ever, but you find sexually you have changed. I guess I am sort of lucky, as we have always had an open marriage, but am sure this causes a lot of the problems couples have. As we grow older, we also change in our tastes.

Just hope that I can find someone with my tastes, and doesn't mind me being married......ROFLMAO...have a good weekend!

wanderlust01970 50M

5/27/2006 5:10 am

Age, maturity, wisdom, experiences, morals, sexual and emotional attitudes DO CHANGE because we are all dynamic individuals that learn and adapt as we all go on. It's only human!

JoLeeS 40F

5/27/2006 9:54 am

How about you....do you find the older you get the more you change...do things that appealed to you years ago still hold your interest...Do you find your tastes and wants..likings and needs changing in the bedroom.....are you aging gracefully with tastes going from beer and hot dogs to caviar likings..?....Has age changed you..?

Some things have changed..... I still eat the same thing I ate years ago, but I eat less of it...lol I am a better cook than I was when I was younger(for damn sure). And apperntly the way I give bj's rocks now...as too when I was younger and had NO idea what to do with it...lol My needs are still the same in bed... I can never get enough sex... Still after all this time...lol I find myself going out less and bored with the bar scene now..... Of course that could be partly to blame on them shutting down the only real club we had here...... I still do crafts like I was younger... Only I don't suck at it now...lol Hmmm.... WEll..there ya go...

Helper874 45M

5/27/2006 9:29 pm

Amber - ROFLMAO...it so begs for a response though....it really, really does...! Give me your best....! Have a good night sweetie.

cobra70118 105M

5/27/2006 10:36 pm

The older I'm getting... the younger they are getting, and it's their fault. I'm going in reverse! lmao... From naked slip and slide keg parties last year back to jazz night club scenes this year. What can I tell ya... But people rather hear about the naked party than the jazz club. Ya know.

paintchip2069 43M
1 post
5/28/2006 8:47 am

Yes to the notice of change and glad for it. I am wiser and make better decisions due to experience. I find my self searching for quality now instead of quantity, as it was for me in my younger years.

oldude1946 71M

5/28/2006 3:18 pm

LOL pssst try a man girdle I hear they work wonders!

I had one once and she would sit down on me and sqeeze me untill I smiled

Dildo_replacemen 38M

5/28/2006 9:28 pm

    Quoting amberabercrombie:
    I never did the sleep around thing, hell ive only been with three men...but I did the partying thing BIG TIME...I was one of the lucky ones to lose my virginity and get pg at the same time...

    See I find that with men, the older they get, the better shape their in, the more substance they have and their personalities are in such a better mind set.
So what age do you like your mens substance?
-- Apparently I still need to work on my mind set... LOL

rm_cookie2234 54F
6 posts
5/29/2006 7:54 am

yes I changed for the better and wiser.When I was a teenager all I wanted was a guy who was cool and had long hair(rebel)to piss off my parents who won't approve.Now I want a guy with hair(just joking) and respectful,polite,thoughtful and looks aren't as important.Now I don't put up with people who are moody or neg or create drama.

ShaneLiveLife 50M

5/29/2006 8:36 am

The older I get the happier I am with me ........

Live with passion !

alchemistz9 57M

6/3/2006 4:08 am

I'm less willing to put up with shit, but more tolerant of other people doing their own thing

When I was 16, looking at a 16 year old girl was normal - at 46 it doesn't feel normal

I see beauty differently, a lot differently

I don't confuse sex and lust, nor infatuation and love

My six-pack has begun to mutate into a beer barrel

TurnLock 60M
577 posts
6/3/2006 5:40 am

I was a lot picker when it came to women when I was younger. Not that I'm desperate now, my maturity and growth has opened me up more to what really is beauty. More and more women are attractive to me for so many different reasons now. I saw a woman yesterday, that normally would not get my interest, but while she was talking to me, she started kicking in all cylinders and I had wood before the talk was over.

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