Fantasy, oh god YESSS..?!  

amberabercrombie 37F
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8/11/2005 4:25 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Fantasy, oh god YESSS..?!

I was reading the *additonal* questionaire tonight (waiting for my big show of the season to come on) and although I fully have every intention of filling it all out (later) I was wondering what your hot steamy sexual fantasy was....?!

FYI, im just really horny and want to hear a whole bunch of smut replies so reply on, dont spear me either I want sweaty, hot, earth shattering, mutiple orgasmic replies! M and F!

addictedxxx1979 38M
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8/11/2005 6:30 pm

what do you want , are you comftalble then i ll begin , if you fancy a hot sweaty night , you should first have a long hard soak in the bath , have a man wash your back run his fingers thourough your hair feel the soap and the water cover every part of your body across your nipples and up between your legs , jsut cleaning , and then get out and have him dry you off running a towel over you so you are still a little moist , he then carries you to a big double bed and lays you down in the middle slips off his jeans and there stand s a huge erect hard member , he is 6.0 toned ,tanned and dark to black hair , he lys next to you and runs his hand into your hair pulls you closer to him and slips his arm across your back his fingers run slowly down your back and across you arse , he clasps it in one hand , his body moves down and as he does this he kisses all the way down your body starting between the breasts and then slowly across a nipple , while his other hand gentlely caresses the other one his your nipple slipping between his fingers , then your stomach , his lips playing with your belly button and his tounge slowly teasting , then the inside of your inner things his lips kissing and his mouth wanting as he moves closer and closer to you . his tounge then licks for the first time , you can feel you wettness , slip down his mouth he can taste you , and you atse good , this is bliss for him , he is harder than you can imagine his cock pounding and wanting you more and more with each lick or kiss
his tounge exploring and sliping inside as well , you feel the warmth as his arms wrap around your legs and when you can take it no more , you pull him up and demand that he fuck you , you pull him close and as you do his cock slips up inside you , you feel him pentrate you and your wetness envelops him , until he is deep inside and all you can feel is him you run your fingers down his back and across his head as he looks at you while opening you you legs on his ass and you brest heaving in the air , you feel him wirthe with you and he pushe deep and deeper with every stroke , you feel tighter and tighter while he does this and it contiunues until you are so stight you want to burst , and as you do this , he cums inside you filling you with him and you both expode and then collapes with the exhastion of the long sweat soaked fuck tha tyou both just had , hope you like , love from addictedxxx1979

rm_Shadow_Kitty 30M
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8/14/2005 4:57 am

Mmm...what fun, a sexy fantasy with a hot lady like you. My sweetest desire... would begin with a secluded meeting, but outdoors, near dusk - a park I know fairly well would be perfect, or perhaps the boardwalk overlooking the canal. I would look into your eyes, and lose myself as I take your hand and we walk, talking about anything but especially the fun we would later have. As our lust runs higher, we start to steal a few naughty touches, our words and thoughts taking over our bodies. A moonlit kiss of pure passion sums up the night, as we walk briskly back home to enjoy the sweeter pleasures...

...when we arrive, I waste no time, shutting the door and kissing you lovingly. I suggest a shower, to cleanse away the night's heat and get us out of our clothes. We undress each other, taking in every sexy feature, and exchanging more sensual touching. In the shower, I give my attentions to every inch of your supple flesh, first to clean, and then to please. I start by kissng your face, then licking your lips and kissing down your neck...then around your collarbone and sexy shoulders, and down your arms to kiss your hands...then spend some time pleasing your beautiful breasts, teasing your nipples and making you drip with lustful excitement as I move lower, sliding my toungue down to your stomach, my hands caressing your back. Finally my attentions reach your hot, wet, lusty sex, and I start to lap up your sweetness like it was warm milk. Kitty likes his cream, after all.

After sending you to heaven and back, I leave my body to you, for you to do with as you will...and once you have taken your liberties, I turn off the water, dry your lovely form, and take you to my bed where we continue to make sweet love in any way we desire.

...I hope you fancy a night of lusty romance, because that's what I've got.

toothysmile 50M
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9/2/2005 6:22 pm

A hot summer night.
A full moon.
A secluded beach.
The sound of the waves splashing.
A bottle of good red wine.
A large comfortable blanket.
Enough said...

toothysmile 50M
16515 posts
9/2/2005 6:26 pm

A hot summer night.
A full moon.
A secluded beach.
The sound of the waves splashing.
A bottle of red wine.
A large comfortable blanket.
The rest is up to you.

RailBaron2 54M

9/8/2005 6:47 am

Hi amber,first of all on your previous post you said "your tits are too small- I happen to like women with smaller natural breasts.
how would you like it if I were to caress, nibble & suck on those tasty tities? Would that get you hot,Wet, You women can tease, well I can tease too. Jim

playfulwithyou33 56F
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9/11/2005 2:16 am

Hello...This post is to remind you about the Blogger's Convention scheduled October 21,22,23 and set for the ChicagoLand area(Bolingbrook--a suburb)

It is a chance for you to meet the folk that you have been reading, commenting, and chatting with. Before we go any further, this is NOT a giant sex orgy but a chance to interact with your new found blogging friends face-to-face.

The opening night festivities are still in the planning stage.(I need to have an actual head count on that before I can proceed and make commitments to the banquet facility. But in the plans are a Masked Ball--expected to be a lavish formal affair)

The 46 Zone Party will be held on the evening of the 22nd at the 46 Zone bar attached to the Ditka Dome(enclosed sports dome facility with an indoor driving range) Typically the bar has a live band on Saturday nights (no cover charge to date) The food and drink costs there are reasonable and one can imbibe for about twenty bucks.

There will be an "after" party on the 21st after the Masked Ball; and a "before" and "after" party on the 22nd in the hospitality suite at the hotel to continue on with the festivities. These parties will have food and alcohol/soft beverages and will be bought in bottle form with appetizer platters from local stores. The bar in the hospitality suite would be a serve yourself type of set-up.

The hotel is new and nicely furnished. Complimentary breakfasts are included with the room; the hotel has a pool, workout facility, complimentary wi-fi service, in-room coffee makers, mini refrigerators, iron & ironing board, and laptrays to support your laptops. There is a complimentary coffee bar located off the lobby area which is available 24 hours for a selection of coffees, teas, and hot chocolate. Hotel rates are reasonable and information can be found at Convention Information Pictures of the hotel and its rooms are also available for you to see.

In the works is a photo session opportunity as well as some classes/demos.

If you have not already done so, you are also invited to join bloggers of this friendly site The group was designed to address the technical aspects of blogging, but has metamorphosized into something much more--a "family" of bloggers...many of who will be attending the upcoming Convention.

Thank you for your time and I hope to meet you in person.


firsttimer777d 55M
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9/13/2005 1:15 am

ok . i am new at this but also very horny and recently divorced. BY your photo i can see you need my cock in your mouth so you can lube me up . I will like wise spread you pussy lips with my two fingers wide apart and dip my toungue in your cunt hole. Then i will nibble on your clit till its nice and hard . since i am laying on the bed and we are in the 69 position i want you to suck on my balls and pull them up with your mouth. now i am hot hard and swelling over 8'' . immediately you must spit all over my cock and then get up an spread your ass cheeks apart . Like a horny goddess you must lower your ass over my swelling head slowly easing down over my ridged cock. up an down my cock will violate you anal cavity as you play with your pussy lips . i will grab each one over your pussy lips from behind as you move up and down over my cock with your ass muscles clinching my cock.I will uses 4 fingers to pull your lips apart so you can pump your own vibrator in and out of your exploding cunt. you will start to shiver and them cum heavily as l blow my load in your tigt ass. your anal muscles will milk my cock dry and together we will fall asleep.

MississaugaMan71 46M
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9/27/2005 8:58 am

We meet in park and talk, its late at night and no-one is around. I start to fondle your boobs and you pull your shirt up and off, and sit topless on the bench as I pull and play with your nipples, you shout loudly "suck them! suck my tits right here!". After a long play with yuor tits, I strip off my pants and you kiss my cock. I pull off your shorts, exposing you fully naked there in the middle of the park for anytone to see, spread you legs and lick your pussy. Then turn you over and stick my face up into your ass. and lick you butthole as a spread your ass-cheeks wide. You shout out "god!Yes! stick your tounge up my ass! fuck yes!" . I strip off teh rest of my clothes and shove my hard cock up into your pussy as you bend over the park bench. We both notice a couple watching, us but we both don't care and give them a show. I flip you over and cum all over you tits and face. you tell me you have to go pee, and I say go ahead. You stand, spreading your legs, and start ti piss on the ground as I and the couple watch. I stick my still-hard cock under your pussy and you piss all over it, then I start to lick your pussy as the last of the pee dribbles out. we both stroll over to wher ewe saw the couple watching us, only to find the young people stripping each other. Do we join in... email me for more.

mingus1965 52M
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10/4/2005 6:07 pm

i just want to lik that pussy until it squirts all over my face

uncutnhardtoo 46M
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10/6/2005 9:37 am

My car breaks down one evening just on the outskirts of town. It's staring to drizzle so i zip my coat a little tighter and put my head down. I decide to take a shortcut along an old rail line, it's dark wet and eerily quiet as the mist is muting all sound. I'v got about a kilometer of rail line left. The bushes on either side are overgrown and dense. I play balance beam along one of the rails. Suddenly I'm knocked to the damp ground and my face is mashed into the coarse gravel of the rail bed. I feel my arms being pulled behind my back, I hear the duct tape being peeled off the roll and ripped. My attacker tapes my wrists. I'm rolled over, I notice two figures. one sits on my chest the other on my ankles, i'm helpless. I wonder what's about to happen and decide that stuggling is futile. The person on my ankles undoes my belt and pulls my jeans down below my ass. The stones beneath my back feel like they are piercing my skin, the pain mixes with the pleasure i am feeling as my cock is being manipulated. They are taking turns sucking my cock which is rapidly hardening. One of my captors peels off her warmup pants and lower's herself onto my hardness. She starts to ride me with utter abandon, the other broad drops her pants and squats on my face. She's got a strong odour and it makes me wince. She commands me to service her. I don't and i get a smack in the face. The taste of the blood from my lip combines with her juice. My back is on fire, the broad on my dick screams and shakes, my manhood explodes inside her. She trades positions with the other chick who works to get me hard again. I balk at the tought of eating my own cum and am rewarded with a thumb to the eye. I cry out and she crams her puss on my mouth. I unwillingly try my first cream-pie. THe chick sucking my cock determines me hard begins grinding me into the railway ties. These are strong women! They have barely spoken , more like grunting and groaning, all about their work. My body feels crumpled but the sensations combine, i've never felt so alive. My captors get what they want undo the tape and disappear into the brush... I've just been by a couple of ugly broads, I guess they need their sex too. I smile to myself because you can't the willing....

4theanswer 31M

10/14/2005 9:44 am

Well this was my recent blog but thought it applied so here it is...

She makes a move before I can, confidently as though its her show silencing me to follow her every whim. And I do without question because I know that she is the most beautiful I've ever seen her in her moment of strength and confidence. She's always seemed so fragile, so beautiful in her innocence and in a moments notice she takes control with a new side of her exposed, a side that I've never seen before. She whispers in my ear softly to follow her... Together we go to the closest possible secluded place and begin to caress eachother. Slowly my warm hand slides up her leg, underneath her skirt, pushing her panties aside as I kiss her neck slowly moving up to the lips. Just as I get to her lips she feels her gspot being teased and lets out a gasp. The pace picks up as I pull her panties off and throw them aside. Two fingers slide gently in and out, in and out as I slide my hand up her shirt to dis-cloth her. Naked...she looks beautiful and so I tell her...grab her ass with both hands to support her and lift her into the air with her back against a wall and penetrate her at first slowly and then deeper...harder. Slowly building pace until shes gasping for more. At that moment, we look into eachothers eyes and climax...together. But then it's over and shes that innocent looking girl I've always known. Beautiful in her appearance of innocence but, even more beautiful in that moment that she exposes the side of her that only I can see...

woody50472 53M
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11/23/2005 6:07 pm

hi goddess im chris from toronto how are ya? nice blog baby u can suck me too by the way

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