Fact or Fictional, Did we do it!?!  

amberabercrombie 37F
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7/16/2005 3:03 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Fact or Fictional, Did we do it!?!

While walking through the forest the other night (ok ok it was the backyard forest) anyways...I was walking through the forest with a member of the opposite sex, it got rather hot and sticky out there, I dont know if it was the hot canadian weather or if it was the sweat pouring of his back, but damn did he look inviting. All of a sudden those biceps, that smile, those blue eyes turned me on to the heavens. I couldnt resist him any longer, for once I didnt want to.

We decided to sit on a rock, one of those big boulder types if you will to take in the beautiful scenery around us, I thought to myself for a man I loath so much he sure is looking mighty fine right now, so I trickled my fingers along his naked back, not thinking anything of it just a casual slow stroke of the back. Well, It prompted quite a response out of him that before I knew it his index finger was trailing along the outside of my wet t-shirt grazing upon my nipple and it repsonded, oh boy did my nipples respond, I was wet, wet at the mere feeling of an index finger trailing and tracing my nipples. HOLY SHIT, did I ever enjoy that, I enjoyed it so much I allowed this man I hate to go under that t-shirt and feel my small b cups breasts, all the while he was kissing me so tenderly, so lovingly so unlike us. It almost felt like a paradox universe.

I could feel my clit getting hotter and wetter at each graze of my nipples that I finally turned to him and said its ok if you take it off you know, both of us surprized at my words...WELL.......take my shirt of he did.

Sitting there on that rock turned into an amazing sex session. I remember getting so dizzy with pleasure from riding his hard cock, dizzy, gitty, wet, gleeful..but there was a catch, I wasnt thinking of him while I was pounding harder and harder and harder sitting upright riding, having my long blonde hair flow around my face, I was thinking of someone else trying desperatly not to call out another ones name, it just provocked me even more to ride harder and harder and harder, so hard that my clit was becoming numb from riding his cock so hard! But I tell you it was the most amazing sexual experience ive ever had, could it be possible to have wild passionate sex and NOT be thinking of who your having sex with? Smiles ....was it fact or fictional, was I dreaming or was this real ?

onenonlydave_hml 39M

7/17/2005 5:23 am

You'll have to tell us who you were thinking of... or at least give us a hint!

TopFisher 63M

7/18/2005 2:37 pm

CRUSH, A most wonderful song......

sounds like you need a room mate change? (no I have not read the whole blog and have no idea if you are indeel living with this fellow or not.) sorry

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