Election Watch......:D  

amberabercrombie 37F
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1/12/2006 3:59 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Election Watch......:D

I am so pleased to see in this mornings local newspaper that the Tories have surged ahead in the elections. Just maybe, we will see the bring down of a Liberal government... and here I thought we wouldnt see this day until all the babyboomers had died off.

I am actually putting faith towards his party, in the past I refused to vote based on the media propaganda these sleezy politions tend to use, I do however likes the list of *promises* Harper stands for,

A small List of some of his Promises:

My favorite:


plans for roads, highways, and infrastructure

tax reductions for Canadian charities

plans to create 125,000 new child care spaces

plans to Stand up for Security

pledges action on immigrant credentials

transit plan will benefit the environment

Gives Full Support for Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control

will ensure security for seniors

Anyways this is just a small list of what this man has promised....well see if he actually delivers, latest polls shows him ahead by 11%....I know, I know you could care less about politics, believe it or not politics is one of my greatest passions, guess thats the legal nerd in me! Whomever you choice to vote for, do it for the RIGHT reasons!

That said, my good little deed for the day, im off to write about something more exciting lol.

rm_art_persists 51M
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1/12/2006 5:34 pm

I guess I'm a little more left than you. Wouldn't vote for Harper if my left nut was in a vise. Any man who can't look comfortable holding a baby in a planned press moment doesn't sit well with me; it's ok to be uncomfortable with kids just don't pretend to like them in order to gain my "gee he's a nice guy vote".

As for the GST reduction: Martin has promised a reduction in income tax which works out to be equal in savings for the average taxpayer. Harper also has promised to reraise the income tax rate in the bottom of the income tax brackets. In essence the poor who pay very little GST because of their limited purchasing power see a net tax gain. This GST bonus mainly benefits upper income spenders. Finally, the net gain to the Cdn economy is shown to be greater when income tax is reduced than when a purchase tax (GST) is reduced.

I know I sound like a Martin defender: I'm not. I do think he has stood up for Canada in a way I never would have expected from him. Stockwell will not do the same (we know this by his rhetoric and party policies). I am actually voting Green because it's time we all took notice of our crumbling world. Come to Prince George and look at the bare fields of stumps where once there were trees (pine beetle epidemic coming soon to Eastern Canada: if they manage to stop it in Alberta, the whole province will be one stubble field of stumps). It's fucked up and time for everyone to take notice. Things do have to change. Look at the violent storms of the last 2 years. Global warming is here. Wars and other "minor" issues don't measure up to the severity of it....

sillyperv 54M

1/13/2006 7:46 am

A well run government? I don't know that the government is that poorly run, other than they don't represent the interests of the common good. Corporate welfare, or euphemistically refered to as "tax cuts", places the burden of society's costs on 90 per cent of the population that owns 10 per cent or so of the country (it's a little higher, but I don't remember the actual numbers - but the point is still valid.) Harper is a member of a cabal of right wing ideologues driven by a view of the world that is mean, selfish and disfunctional (read some of his writing). He will bring the same "quality" of compassion, care and sense of social well being to Canada that Harris brought to Ontario during his 8 years in power. These people are pro money and power anti everything else - if you can pay for it you deserve it, otherwise tough - so quality schooling, education, health and rights become a market commodity as opposed to a means of ensuring a healthy functioning democracy. This is not a world I wish to live in. Oh, I have to work - I'm starting to froth at the mouth!

P.S. I though the misspelling of the "spear campaign" was a clever play on words.

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