A wanted fantasy...  

amberabercrombie 37F
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2/18/2006 2:02 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A wanted fantasy...

They were somewhere along the beautiful Cayman Islands with the water cascading around their bodies, she in a striking black thong bikini and him in nothing but all his glory. He cups her face and tilts her head backwards allowing the water to drizzle down her face and long blonde hair, he gently starts to kiss her neck inching his kisses towards her sweet breasts...his arm reaches around her tied bathing suit and his fingers untie it with great care, she than allows him to pull down the bottom halve revealing a clean shaving, very wet wanting clit.

She moans in pleasure as he rolls her nipples along his tongue, grabbing his dark black curly hair in pleasure, she lifts a leg to wrap it around his hot hard fit body, he does her one better and lifts her so shes fully straddling him...he walks alittle more under the falls so their both sweaty with cool, water dripping between them.

She can feel how hard he is and wants him to enter her fully, he obliges by slipping his hot, throbbing, thick, long cock into her wanting, wet juicy clit, they both explode in great pleasure, she looks around to see if anyone is having as much fun as she is and she spots a beautiful curly haired red head, wearing a tight gold bikini, she feels daring so she motions for the red head to come join them...

She does..

She takes the red head by hand and leads her among the tall green grass and lies her down, kissing her hard on the mouth...she doesn't waist a second as she unties the gold bikini to reveal a beautiful pair of c cup breasts, she moans for she hasn't seen any other woman's breasts but her own, she licks her lips in anticipation and begins to devour her new found interest...hes fully aroused by whats just taken place and grabs the blonde woman from behind, slipping inside her, making her explode with wetness...wanting more, she dares to kiss the red head below, until she reaches the red heads clit and begins to explore, shes juicy, tasty, clean and fresh shaven, the blonde goes into great ecstasy for not only is she pleasing her man but pleasing a woman as well...the red head responds but saying *more more*, she slips one dainty but powerful finger into the blonde's clit, exploring, encouraging her to want more, to do more...the blonde cant take no more and explodes into a very wanted, orgasm....

Yup thats my fantasy.

jussweetlilolme 43F

2/18/2006 2:59 pm

well, count me in!

whats4dessert2 49M

2/18/2006 9:01 pm

(what else could I possibly say?)

SlowPlayin 50M

2/18/2006 9:28 pm

You little vixen, you ...

jussweetlilolme 43F

2/21/2006 6:42 am

Okay Amber, are you sure you and Canada are ready? Between me & you we could cause some serious trouble...and how about that, I just so happend to be a red head...with blue eyes even, so now we're even more trouble...hehe

Handsum could cum too if he thought he could handle it...LOL we'd probably kill him though b/t you & me.


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