**C word this...**  

amberabercrombie 37F
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2/7/2006 9:24 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

**C word this...**

I used this words several times today and come to realize I hate it...I hate the word cock, hi my name is AmberAbercrombie and I hate the word cock, there has got to be a better name for the male reproductive organ than the following:

Cock: sounds so pornish
Dick: well just sounds like a prick and to close to Richard
Slong: ok the kid in me still wants to laugh at this one
Penis: to much of an after school special.
Wood: only works if hes hard

I'm making it my life's...well ok weeks ambition and quest to find a better word for the *MIDDLE MAN*..

Any suggestions? At least woman have something nice like *Lil Mrs* *flower* etc, but men really don't do they? There's got to be that one key word out there that still sounds dirty and horny, but not so Debbie does Dallas!

whats4dessert2 49M

2/7/2006 10:42 pm

Wasn't there a Monte Python song about this?

Well there's always the following


Bluegrey63 53M
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2/8/2006 5:01 am

The 'weapon' comes to mind but ...come on it just makes people laugh.
Pecker, dink, prick, schlong, trouser snake, rod,.......

onenonlydave_77 39M

2/8/2006 3:53 pm

Hmmm... Definitely a challenge!

Is Johnson dirty or just lame?

Autin Power's twig and two berries is fun, but hardly arousing.

What about MEAT? I think that's dirtier than cock!

Noodle's not bad... what about Mr. Happy? or The God Stick? Ok, that's one might be a bit narcicistic!

Why don't we event something new? It has to masculine, and dirty, but not Debbie Does Dallas dirty. Why not look to our German friends... what do you think of the Shvantz!?!?

Brainy42 52M

2/9/2006 2:25 am

From Monty Python's Movie, "The Meaning of Life"...

Penis Song

Isn't it awfully nice to have a penis?
Isn't it frightfully good to have a dong?
It's swell to have a stiffy.
It's divine to own a dick,
From the tiniest little tadger
To the world's biggest prick.
So, three cheers for your Willy or John Thomas.
Hooray for your one-eyed trouser snake,
Your piece of pork, your wife's best friend,
Your Percy, or your cock.
You can wrap it up in ribbons.
You can slip it in your sock,
But don't take it out in public,
Or they will stick you in the dock,
And you won't come back.

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