The drive to dinner  

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10/9/2005 9:25 am

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The drive to dinner

So…there I was standing in the doorway…I suppose there was really nothing else I could do but follow. So I turned out the lights and locked the door behind me as I walked to the car.

He was standing beside his car with the passenger door open for me. This is one of the things I liked most about Devon. Kinky, creative, and sometimes very dominant, but yet still a gentleman at heart.

Feeling more frisky than ever, I gently scratched my long french manicured nails across his ass as I walked around him to get inside, as I was about to get in the car, he grabbed my arm and pulled me so I was facing the car. He twisted his hands in my hair and pulled it enough that I couldn’t move my head, he leaned against me pressing me onto the car. I could feel his arousal throbbing on my ass, and I silently hoped that he would take me back inside and finish what he had started.

As you can guess, my wishes didn’t come true. Instead he pressed his arousal even harder into my ass. I gasped from the sudden vibrations coming from between my legs.

Devon whispered again in my ear, “I have total control over the vibrations, and will turn them on and off at MY leisure. Turn around and kiss me before I take you to dinner.”

I did as I was told, turning, and eagerly meeting his mouth for a passionate kiss, he stopped the vibrations momentarily while we kissed, and than laughed as I gasped when he turned them back on. He helped me into the car as the vibrations were still pulsating on my clit. I could barely stand it…at one point I was so aroused I couldn’t help but let a moan escape as my head fell back onto the seat. He glanced over at me as I was sliding my hips back and forth on the seat. I would have cum if he hadn’t turned the vibrations off! “Not yet...” he said and then proceeded to unzip his pants, he shoved his hand inside his pants to retrieve his fully erect cock, and I was happy to oblige his silent request.

I gently flickered my tongue on the head of his cock tasting the wetness, and then proceeded to massaged his cock with my tongue. I heard his moan as he pushed my head down to fully encompass him. I slowly raised my head just to the tip of his cock as I firmly grasped the base of his cock and brought my mouth to meet my hand, sliding my hand up and down his shaft, following the motion with my mouth. Deeper and deeper I’d take him until the tip of his cock reached the back of my throat.

Several minutes later I felt the car stop, and slowly drove his cock into my throat one last time. As I sat up to look at him, he paused for a split second as though he may have changed his mind about dinner….

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