Normal Guys? Part II  

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11/1/2005 2:52 pm

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Normal Guys? Part II

Thank you guys for the advice and giving me your feed back from my original post…and this is my “rebuttle” so to speak….

First of all HORNYVIKING722….you have a great point with the anonymity aspect…. I realize the validity of the anonymity comment, look at me, I’m not shy at all when I’m online…but get me in person and I’m shy as can be. Is this a place to meet normal people…well…why wouldn’t it be? Aren’t you the same people shopping at the corner store I do? Working in the building just across the street? How is it when I log in to AdultFriendFinder I suddenly or we suddenly become abnormal?

Greatnsexy69…you have a good point too…and this is really what my whole complaint is about. Some are here to get down right raunchy and hey…all the power to ya, I have no problem with that. What I want to know is what gives you the right to be pissed off at me because you sent me a “F&*# me letter” when that isn’t even close to what my profile states. It’s the response to my non-response that bothers me. You sent me a “F@#$ me” email, I didn’t respond, and now I’m a horrible person because of it?? Would it be better for me to send you a “F@#$ OFF” letter instead?

Now, I realize that there are some men who would come up to me in a bar and say “Come back to my place and I’ll lick your pussy good” but the majority of you would not do that...or maybe you would! I also realize that this is a sex and swingers site so I am not surprised that I get emails, multiple emails a day with such an invitation as this. But the point is…when a man sends me that email, why are you surprised or angered by the fact that I do not respond?? I don’t deem it worthy of a response at all!

Quackingup…points out the frustrations of email, actually …several of you pointed out the frustration of not getting replies, Lets figure it out…Lets say I get 20 emails a day, and can only respond to a few a day. So if I did respond to everyone, you wouldn’t even get an uninterested reply for several months after the fact, guys…. I realize its gotta get frustrating to send out 20 emails and only one response in return….but if you realize that I am just not capable of sending a response to everyone why are you angry about it? I suppose I could choose to become a memeber again so I could respond to all the emails, but then I'd also have to quit my job...hey...not a bad idea...though I'll have to send you to a "free" site to pay for me not workin...hmmmmm

Easylovin….says “stay true to you are looking for” but ….I have two choices as I see it. A typical personal site such as or a sex site such as this one. I don’t feel its appropriate for me to list on my profile the type of sexual qualities I search for…and here…I feel like if I’m not willing to put out at the first hello I’m deemed a “tease” ….so where to go from here??

Most of the responses I get from those truly interested, I wonder if they don’t just say they are looking for friends with benefits, to appease me so they can get to the sex part! I seek some intimacy in the sex…something more, but certainly not a husband….hence my dilemma…a sex site, or a marriage site, as I see it they both have the same frustrations except at opposite ends of the spectrums.

Ok…I’m done ranting for now, off to go look at all of your nekky pictures! LOL I wish you all good luck in your search, and once you get past the bots and liars, I hope you find what you are looking for!.......I hope I find what I'm looking for

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11/2/2005 10:47 pm

Yes, there is much to consider and please don't think I'm all about arguing for I'm more of a go with the flow kinda guy. I just saw, what appeared to me, your frustration and wanted to comment, in hopes to make you smile and feel like you were more than just a pair of boobs. The way you address your readers had also caught my eye (ie. tap tap tap "Hello?"). Props to you ^_^

There is also the fact that the dudes out number the ladies by probably three to one, so they, like the flashy assed peacock, must try to get your attention with their oh, so charming come-ons. This makes most males reach out in desperation and a basic need to know they are actually accomplishing something. Hence the explaination that one dude sent out a ridiculous amount of emails without even one autoreply. Autoreplies are not directed to only a specific type so he was probably sending out to the sex site web masters trolling for suckers (no offense Mr. Man from part 1, I've been there myself in all these manners so I am speaking through experience over speculation). Penguins have the exact opposite problem, there the goils chase the guys, and that's why I believe in reincarnation!

Now about normality... I mostly alluded that men normally don't hide bruised egos well. If a dame don't like me it's her fault, she must be crazy! Lashing out is a common trait from this (my Ex had this problem, she also cheated like a man). I don't think I'm abnormal because I'm lurking 'round boobs and blogs... I'm abnormal 'cause I don't mind your rejection and understand if you're just not into me... It's only because my ego's grown callous over the years (^_^) and the same as you, I could never have this conversation in person not without first knowing who you are or having shared some sort of time with you. I don't think that you're abnormal for a woman on this site, most are witty, charming, and likeable (as are you). The ones with nothing to offer, admonish too much, and seem too good to true are the abnormal ones and usually fake (webmasters).

I too hope you find your objective and know that when I accept the inevitable, my fondest wish will fall in my lap. I mean if I were at the store standing in front of the item you needed on the shelf and I tried to engage you in conversation of your normality due to your choice of item, after you got up from getting your item, would you stop to discuss it or just smirk and walk off? If you said no, you'd exit then you're normal... up until you log on and then you, like me become abnormal ...just kidding and I wish girls didn't get me the way guys don't get you... oops, I'm back to the penguin thing.

Horny V (only the higher numbered hornyvikings have to call me 722)

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