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12/12/2005 7:21 pm

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It seems my youngest son has had an epiphany of sorts. It’s now been determined that mommie is a girl.

Now, I’m not sure how this came about, or the exact moment of this realization. But today its big news in our household, for he has told everyone he has spoken with, including the next door neighbor, and the ohhhh so sexy man at the gas station…that “My Mommie…~hand on hip~ is a girrrrl!” to which the ohhh so sexy man simply replied "well yes, she is" and boyyyy would I have liked to show him just how....~daydreaming~...uhmmm...oh..yes...

He informed his grandma and uncle too, not to mention that several times over the course of the evening, he informed his older brother that…"Mommie IS a girrrl" to which my eldest rolled his eyes and seemed utterly embarassed to have this simple fact pointed out, for what reason I've not yet figured.

I’m not sure how this changes our relationship, my youngest and I, for it seems that it may not be such a great thing that I am a girl. He states the simple fact with such contempt "My mommies is a girrrrl". I think he was much more pleased with the idea that I was JUST a mommie….but now, now I’m a girl too.

Cowboy_Deluxe 38M

12/12/2005 7:55 pm

lol..kids can be funny huh? I came on here, curious little Cowboy like me though was this whole Behind Closed Doors? You get that from Charilie Rich? See what Cwoboys think about sometimes..lol. Have fun being a girl..Cowboy.

amb_lily 40F

12/12/2005 8:36 pm

Behind the closed doors refers to what happens behind bedroom doors, as you can tell by my posts having nothing to do with sex....lmao...not much is happenin there!

Thanks cowboy!

im_curious_4u 50M

12/12/2005 9:42 pm

Ah yes the day that a young guy discovers that not everyone is built quite the same. My moment was when I was about 3 or so I guess. I somehow found my dad's playboy, the December issue, and proceeded to parade around with it asking my Grandfather why Santa had no pants on. Well it turns out it wasn't Santa and she didn't have any pants on or a top for that matter.

amb_lily 40F

12/13/2005 4:02 am


mister1derful4u 43M

12/14/2005 8:23 am

I remember my kids first started talking about mommies chest
and asking why it looked different than mine did... They call them "combos" (our name for her breasts) so then a bra is referred to as "combo covers" lol... Enjoy these moments - they go by so fast...

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