Fantasy #8 : Part II  

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12/26/2005 5:53 pm

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Fantasy #8 : Part II

Her chosen music is not your preference, an eclectic instrumental funk style. She wanders through the living room glancing at various items you have displayed waiting for you to join her. She has paused in front of the fireplace, her backside to you. As you admire her ass her head turns to look at you, and slowly she turns. There is something about her eyes that draw you, you think to yourself yet again. You begin to say something, but pause when you see something different in her eyes just now. A spark that you have never seen before. She lowers her eyes as she sips her wine and then places it on the mantle. She begins slowly walking towards you; you say nothing somewhat shocked as you can feel something is very different about her tonight.

As she nears you, she places her hand near your belt and slowly sides her hand up towards your neck as her other hand is seductively playing with her hair. Her breath reaches your neck as she turns her head. You can feel her nails against the back of your neck as she pulls you in for a kiss. Her soft kisses soon become a little more aggressive as her other hand now follows suit around your neck, she pulls gently at your hair as she pushes you into her kisses.

As she pulls away, her eyes are lowered, and you are glad as you are certain there is surprise written all over your face. She glances upward and sees your smile. Approval is met and the smile must have encouraged her because she begins to push you back towards the couch. Your legs bump into the couch and she playfully pushes you backwards. Falling into the couch you cannot take your eyes off of her. Such a side of her you have not seen before, playful and seductive; it’s so hot you almost grab her to take advantage of it, yet want to see what her intentions are.

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