Fantasy #8 : Part I  

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12/26/2005 5:51 pm

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Fantasy #8 : Part I

You’ve met a few times before, while the encounters were pleasant you don’t find yourself expecting more. She began quiet and shy, and while she had warmed significantly to you since the first time you met the spark of your interest is dim, she is pretty enough yet so quiet you ponder if the connection will ever be more…. yet there is something in her eyes.

Tonight she arrives at your door… She smiles sweetly and raises herself on her toes to greet you with a simple kiss. Her perfume mingles with other sweet scents as you help her take her jacket off. She is dressed simply, but the top of her breasts peek out from a black lace corset under a soft white cardigan. Her hair is seductively tied back hanging over her shoulder. And she wears plain somewhat faded jeans.

You are hoping tonight that she will be more intimate than in the past.

As she walks into the kitchen she asks if you need assistance with anything as you prepare for dinner, you simply fill her a glass of wine and suggest she relax. You turn to see her take a seat on the floor of the kitchen; she is mindful not to be too much in the way and begins friendly conversation about nothing at all really while she sips her wine. You smile to yourself liking her classy yet casual attitude. As you glance towards her she catches you glimpsing at her cleavage, she smiles to herself knowing that you are turned on, yet doesn’t let you on to the fact.

Your hopeful expectations for the night dwindle through dinner as she makes no hints or moves towards anything but simple conversation. While you are cleaning up the dishes she finds her way to the stereo equipment in the living room, you can see her playing with the dials, she tries several pre selections obvious that none are to her satisfaction until she stops, stands and grins.

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