Contemplating the Sex Site  

amb_lily 40F
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10/22/2005 7:20 am

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Contemplating the Sex Site

I've been contemplating some comments made to me recently about this site and relationships. I think what I expect to find and what I'd like to find are two different things...

I'd LIKE to find someone who thinks I’m just the sexiest thing alive, and would make love to me at a moments notice just to prove it. I want the cuddling, laughter and long conversation into the wee hours of the morning.

I'd LIKE to find someone who will let me have my space and understand the importance of me finishing college and will give me time to do it, but will jump at the opportunity to spend time with me, and not just in the bedroom.

I'd like that eventually, I EXPECT that I'd find a good friend or friends and possible benefits with ONE. Just because I'm on a sex site does not mean I have to show and tell everything I like with every guy thats interested, it just means I want to find someone like minded! I'm sorry, but did you really think that every woman on the sex site would talk to you for less than 5 mins and then jump in the sack with you? Was that really what you were expecting?? Really!?

I’m open to more than just friends should it happen…if you make a connection don’t you suppose it will run its course on its own? There are people that I talk to that say I won’t find that here, and maybe I won’t and that’s ok but…why is that? Lots of guys I talk to not only have profiles here but on other sites as well…do you suppose the other profile a farce?

I suppose from my own personal experience on here, I can say that many of the men I meet are really not looking for anything more than sex, some just aren’t interested, others have past relationship issues that they can’t get past, others are simply just players…but out of 18,789,762 Active Members there has to be at least one guy….somewhere… who is open to a relationship if the chemistry is there.

Its like a challenge people who are open to relationships from a ~whipsers~ sex and swingers site. I never had any luck with other personal sites, I chose this one because I figured I’d be able to find someone who’s playful and willing to try new things in the bedroom, and that’s important to me.

Did you ever meet someone perfect and the timing was all off? I guess if it was really perfect the timing would have been right….

Well….off to get ready for the day…taking some pictures for a friend, glad it turned out to be a nice morning….

Happy searching…

Arturus04 36M

10/22/2005 2:04 pm

I really I dentify with this ... I wish I was this good at putting my thougts down with words. I guess that is why I am not a writer. At any rate, amb_lily, the invitaion is open, I hope you will accept.

amb_lily 40F

10/22/2005 5:45 pm

Thank you Artur.

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