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8/4/2006 10:28 am

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I was recently reading a post from [blog mzhunyhole] blog asking what kinds of photos we like and if we have any of us or someone else in our bed.

It made me start thinking of my favorite photos I have taken of a couple of friends, and how much I love taking sexy photos of others. My favorites are from one in particular woman. She loves her lingerie and I love lingerie and photos that are sexy but don't necessarily show you everything. I grew up with the tasteful nudes of Playboy of the 70's. My dad had a not so secret stash that I raided often. Anyway, one set we took of this friend were of her in a bubble bath. We would strategically place bubbles on her to cover certain areas so you could see she was completely nude but not see everything. I really liked those!

It is funny, with the photos I have done I never did anything with the women I have had as subjects. I was more than happy to be taking photos that I liked .... and happy to be seeing such lovely ladies nude of course lol. Now I won't say I wasn't turned on taking them, but I had promised to be good and stuck to it.

Would I let someone take photos of me? Hrmmmm. I would say yes but have not been put in that position so not sure if I would turn all shades of red. I am ok taking them of myself but someone else? I'm afraid I might scare the other person if they saw me nude lol. I guess I would let someone though. Especially someone I had taken photos of. I guess I feel like what is good for the goose ...

So I ask ....

Would you let someone take photos of you?

Would you take photos of another person?

Could you keep from jumping the person you are taking photos of ... no matter how hot he/she is?

Must seem an odd subject but that is where my mind went lol.


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