Orgasmic Chocolate?  

amazingr96 50M
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8/9/2006 2:09 pm

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8/10/2006 9:58 am

Orgasmic Chocolate?

Here I was looking up chocolate on the net, one of many vices I have, and I come across Orgasmic Chocolate. Now I had heard of some people who say a great piece of chocolate is better than sex. Or other similar statements of the total enjoyment they experienced. Now I really like chocolate. I love to slowly savor it, like I do some other things. But I only enjoy chocolate in small amounts as too much can overload my tastebuds quickly. But as much as I enjoy it, I have never reached anything remotely close to a state of arousal or orgasm. So what makes this one so special? It is dark or milk chocolate blended with herbs from China meant to ... well not really give you an orgasm, but give you a feeling of a general state of well-being or invigoration. Now it makes me wonder if it really works. Is lacing chocolate with other herbs blasphemy in the chocolate world? Should chocolate be pure and untainted?

Has anyone ever had an orgasmic experience eating chocolate or anything else for that matter?

Do I need more to do with my time than pondering things like this?? lol

kitchenfun1234 44M
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8/9/2006 2:33 pm

Proper chocolate is far from pure. The processing and blending of the ingredients is a science.
Every piece of chocolate eaten can be an orgasmic experience if you're hungry enough.

Don't ever give up searching for the fun in life.

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