Not in the mood  

amazingr96 50M
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3/8/2006 2:18 pm
Not in the mood

I was talking to my best friend today. She was saying she is not in the mood much lately with her bf. This is the girl who LOVES sex! She was having sex with a former bf for two years after they broke up just because she wanted/needed sex. I thought this woman would never lose her sex drive. I always wished I could siphon some of her sex drive off and inject my wife with it so we might have sex more than once every 6 months. So I am shocked to hear she is having 'issues' getting aroused with her current bf. She could get aroused over a hot bf even if not going with him or in love with him anymore so I can't guess that she no longer loves the bf. So come to find out she feels like she has gained some weight and feels heavier than she ever has and so she doesn't feel sexy. Heh ... same issue my wife has, go figure. Though my wife is not fat at all, she just feels that way and nothing I say or do can change that. I don't think my friend is either, though I haven't seen her naked in a while so couldn't tell for certain.

It is just sad that women are made to think that they have to be a certain weight and height and that they can't be allowed to be happy with themselves as they are and for who they are. Because that is what I find the sexiest thing, who someone is and not what they look like. Though I am guilty of preferring some women with certain physical traits ... a nice smile and beautiful eyes.

Be well out there.

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