Great Hands?  

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12/13/2005 9:11 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Great Hands?

"Your so good with your hands, how do you know what to do with them?"

I was asked this last night by my wife as she lay naked and panting. I had to ask her to say that again. I was stopped dead in my tracks. All I could think to say at first was "I don't know." Then I added "I just go with what feels right and by your physical responses to things." It helps to know what she likes, and all the talking we did way back when about sex certainly helps me in knowing what buttons to push. Haha buttons to push ... maybe that should read button?? Hee hee.

I do know I love using my hands. I love giving her massages, scratching her back, massaging her bum, touching her everywhere. And I know she loves it all, especially the scratching of her back.

Now I would never actually count how many times I make her cum, but the scientist in me begs to know. Last night it must have been a dozen times at least. I know one time I made her cum twice top of each other. She had just started coming down from the first one when I made her cum again. I am not sure I could do any of this with another woman, at least not the same way I do with her, so by no means do I believe that I am a great lover. But I am particulary happy that I please her and am a good lover for her.

I guess it just shocked me that she would ask something like that. Last night was the 2nd time in 10 days we have made love, much better than the every 6 months average before that. And I guess what I am thinking is that if I am so good with my hands in pleasing her then why isn't she taking advantage of them more often?? Ha ha. I certainly love using them for her benefit.

Well, hopefully this current trend of making love more often will continue and she will let herself enjoy that and me more and of course enjoy my hands more often.


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