What I have found here.  

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5/22/2006 3:11 pm

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6/18/2006 10:20 am

What I have found here.

As a "mature" gay man born and raised in Alabama, I was thrilled to discover a site that not only recognized the fact that gay people existed, but put them on equal footing with straight people. It's wonderful that gay men can meet and hook up electronically, without fear of getting the shit beaten out of them! Over the years, it's happened to me several times. And, usually, it was because I was thinking with my dick instead of my head.
Back then, it did no good to contact the police. Hell, the police were still regularly raiding the ONE gay bar here, ostensibly to "check ID's", but everyone knew it was nothing more than harassment. Besides, since all gay men here were in the closet at the time, the less said about a beaten ass, the better.
To know that things are better for young gay people, not only here but world wide, is cause for celebration! For my personal celebration, I've joined this site. I know that for most of the guys here, I'm an ancient artifact, and I'm cool with that. But for me, this is a HUGE DEAL!
I've already met some great guys on the site from all over the world, and continue to be amazed at how similar we all are, no matter our age or location! We all like to get together and CUM, plain and simple.
But for me, there is an added joy of the freedom to look around, and actually approach strangers for sex, without fear of the consequences! True, I'm often told to fuck off. But hey, at my age, being told to fuck off by a hot, handsome, hunk of thirty is a total turn-on! I'll take it, and relish the fact that the hunk can find himself someone closer to his own age, and suck and fuck and grind to his heart's content! It gives me something to fantasize about!

rm_smokiess 51M

6/18/2006 8:21 am

man, i admire your philosophy!!!!like you i am a gay man born and lived in the south most of my life. it's been a bitch and even tried to conform bygetting married a few years back. all that did was to make two people very unhappy but one came out with a few more worldly belongings (it wasn't me). then there was the job and i still couldn't come out because in the job there would have been some lame reason to dismiss me and the term gay would have never been used. finally all that crap is taken care of, i've learned a lot and now my time is spent traveling and looking for hot little studs that will give it up. i've found that a lot of "streight" boys will give it up after a few beers and will even sleep over but the next morning they have a total loss of memory of what happened until a few days later and they are back for more "beers" and another short term memory loss. ah well, we take it aws we can get it.

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