Trip to New Jersey  

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10/6/2005 7:15 pm

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Trip to New Jersey

Today I had to go to New Jersey. It's rather interesting to get out of the city, the America across the Hudson is quite different from NYC.

I remember there is a song by The Bloodhound Gang titled 'The 10 most interesting things about New Jersey'. It's 20 seconds silence. Didn't understand that joke for some time (guess you need some background knowledge, picked that up by now), but apparently New Jersey has the reputation to be rather boring. Can't say I agree. I found it rather interesting. Some of the small towns I came through just looked like from some movie. Smallville live. Well, on the other hand I am just visiting, don't know how it is to live in a city where the biggest attraction is the mall. On the other hand, NYC is close, so why bother?

The other stereotype I heard about NJ is: "You're from New Jersey? Which exit do you live on?". Guess there is more truth in that And they are still building more. Never seen so many highways cramped in a region, ever. Interesting. This is really amazing. So, if you're from NJ - I guess there has to be an exit very close. Which exit do you life on?

Population density in Europe on average is much higher than here in the states. Nevertheless, in Europe there is far less space for roads, and the lanes are narrower and there are also less of them - but people drive faster and more aggressive, maybe thus the same throughput is achieved. Would be interesting to compare accident statistics. Traffic even in Manhattan is rather relaxed (even if it serves to define 'a New York second'). You should experience traffic in Rome or Paris. That's scary!

Good night!

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