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10/9/2005 5:06 pm

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The Met

Dear diary,

ok, finally today I made it, visited the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. Very nice place. It is really cool that there are exhibitions about arts from all continents. This is something we hardly have in Europe. In this kind of way Europe is very Europe centric, nearly as bad as US news (besides CNN international, but I don't consider Fox news to be news at all).

I found the Asian Arts section especially interesting. Some of the Chinese exhibits are from up to 4000 BC! Amazing. I think in Europe 'people' still lived in caves and covered themselves with raw furs .... So much for the 'superior Western culture'. Also Indian arts. The ancient Indian pantheon is really interesting. Should look at that in more detail ... Chinese calligraphy and Japanese paintings, wow. This is all quite different from our well-known Western arts, but nevertheless very beautiful. It was really great to see this.

Back to Europe. To be fair, the Greeks and the Romans also had a very interesting culture (I really like the Greek arts and also their mythology. Somehow this still catches up with us today, just think of all the TV series (Hercules, Xena, ... and films these legends inspired).

But then unfortunately the Catholic Church as political power emerged from the remains of the Roman empire and ... well, hindered the rediscovery of classic knowledge for around a thousand years (discovering something not by the book (bible, literal interpretation) was not something you easily survived). Bad luck Europe.

But to be fair, the Catholic Church is learning. Just a few years ago they admitted that Galileo was right: Earth is not flat and the center of the universe, indeed. And by the way, sorry for the crusades (for all Americans who did not get it - pure sarcasm . It's my own religion (still, although there are maaany things I criticize) - so please allow my cynic comments. Anyway, today it also seems to be en vogue to take the bible literally again. Creationism vs. Darwin. Ok, won't go into that here

Back to Met. There are currently two interesting special exhibitions. One about arts in Prague in the 14th century (been in Prague several times, so this was not tooo interesting for me, but in general it is a good exhibition if you are interested), and one showing photography as 'the optimal medium for mysticism'. There were a lot of 'spirit photos' (showing deceased people), photos showing mediums levitating things, and so on. Well, I don't really believe in this kind of thing, but it was definitely funny and interesting. The authenticity of the photos is not discussed (on purpose), but there is a lot of interesting background information.

They even renewed the cafeteria completely, you now can actually eat there! If you haven't been there in a while, it's definitely worth it. Check it out!

So much for today,

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