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10/7/2005 11:20 pm

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Ok, today a film critic. Serenity is currently playing at theatres, and has been advertised as 'similar to star wars'. Well maybe to episode one, which imho is a film made for children. I was veeerry disappointed by it. Well, Serenity is in the line with Episode one, I agree.

The actual behavior of most of the characters is only a flat copy of well known heroes, especially from star wars. The captain, clearly Han Solo, the pilot - there was a film I think with Sean Connery as a police officer on a mining colony which is attacked, and one of his helpers (a pilot, who might have guessed?) looks nearly the same, and also dies the same was. Flat copy. The 16 year old superfighter girl - Dark Angel, and a bit Lilo from the fifth element. Could be continued ...

The makers obviously also knew the file "Final Fantasy - The spirits within" - some of the characters are somewhat mystically flavored. Bits and pieces mixed and the result is .... shallow. Just a flat copy. Ouch.

Is it so hard to create a SciFi film which - besides nice special effects - also has some interesting logical plot? Maybe it is. Wing Commander was even better, and this was a film inspired by a computer game ...

Save the money, buy a box of condoms and use them, is much more fun, promised ....

Anyone else seen the film and has a better opinion? Maybe I just didn't get it ...

Plans for the weekend: as it will be raining either go to MoMa and Met or find a girl to have fun with (maybe after MoMa/Met). Any nice girls interested in arts and willing to join? It's much more fun together ....
-- ah

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