Calling Dr. Synister  

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9/6/2005 11:59 pm

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Calling Dr. Synister

As I look to my past,
I'll tell you what I see.
A dominatrix, of sorts,
Playing with Marines.

She lived by the ocean
2000 miles away
Got everything she ever wanted
In her nights, every day

She searched high & low
No 'equal' of Any kind
She had given up and settled
For what she believed was the last time

That didn't make her happy
She decided she'd rather be alone
Packed up and started looking
For the new place she'd call home

Odd coincedences happened
They caught her eye
You'll never believe what happened
Thanks to my dad, my number one guy

Irony.. (heaven sent?)
Took the form of man
Standing before me
With a whip in his hand

I've always been to stubborn
........To behave
Just call me,
The reluctant slave

Giggling - To orders of "QUIET!"
Eye contact, turns them to laughs
"It'll take a lot to tame me,
You may have a whip, but I have salve"

My tolerance for pain..
Can YOU stand the flame?
It's my favorite place to play..
As night turns into day

For those who know us,
You know he won.
I ran out of energy & conceded...
This day.. but a new one Has begun!!!

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