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altimaser05 37M
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6/30/2006 7:12 am
ball & chain

i've just got into a new relationship and i'm already feeling like i'm suffocating. i guess this is why i've been single for nine years is because i can't seem to settle down. i'm the type of guy that lives by the seat of his pants, if that's relevant in what i just said. i am very attracted to this woman that i'm with and i don't see what the problem is but i feel trapt by the relationship. i'm the type that if i meet someone, that nite i want to be up in her. but now i can't, i imagine i could if i didn't have the morals that i have but i do. every woman i see i want to have sex with and i keep remembering that i can't, and it sux soo bad that i can't. i could do better than who i'm with but i like this one and she makes a ton of money. that's always nice when you don't have to support a woman with her every need. it could just be the sexual void that i've been living with since i met her, we've been together three weeks and still no sex. NO SEX???? she says she wants to get to know me first and it is too good to be true. i'll show you what's too good to be true!!! i guess that will be this weekend. i hope for the life of me we'll be having crazy fuct up sex under the fireworks this weekend, the actual fireworks that is. that too, her orgasisms are pretty weak. i want a girl to exploode when she gets off, this girl just sqeezes her legs together and lets out a big sigh. you may be wondering.... i did the oral thing to her to make sure i wasn't getting dammaged goods. she's got the tightest pussy i've seen in quite some time though. my finger loses circulation when it goes up there. i'll have to have my dick amputated when i'm done with her i'm guessing. i'm just hoping the cliche' will hold true, all good things come to those who wait. i just can't get over the fact that i can't have spontaneous sex with whoever i want anymore. maybe it's good that i grow up. if i do get married that will save me a bunch of money on my car insurance.

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