On a Strange and Scary Adventure  

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6/12/2006 9:14 pm

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On a Strange and Scary Adventure

Well, they wanted me to start a "blog" (just what the HELL does THAT mean?), so here it is.

Raised in a very strict surrounding, one of the things I was taught was that being with another woman was a big taboo. And so, I was always thinking about a boyfriend, a husband, and of all the other things a woman hopes for.

Although I was always hoping to meet a man to spend my life with, even when I was growing up there had always been a thought buried deep in my mind of "what would it be like if....?".

And so here I am, 55 years old, finally looking to satisfy that curiosty, of what it is like to be with another woman. I may find out that there's nothing in it for me and just walk away. Or I may "switch" from looking for and wanting a man in my life, to find myself looking for a women and that I'm a lesbian, a feeling that had just been buried for years. Or am I actually a "bi", wanting to be with both a man or a woman? I'll have to wait. Want to help me find out? Teach me.

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