Curiousity Killed the Cat!!!!!!!!  

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8/1/2006 12:02 am

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5/9/2007 7:26 am

Curiousity Killed the Cat!!!!!!!!

Sweat rolling, back arching, take my breathe away pounding, body rocking sounds from the next room.Damn ,just the sound of sex making my heart beat fast and my panties wet.I creep down the hall to the next room to see if I can't get a glimpse at whats making my heart skip a beat.Mmm it must be wonderful wish it was me under him getting pounded to unconsciousness.I slowly push the door open but I can't see anything from my position so I get down on my knees and pray I don't get caught sneaking in.I position myself in the corner with a perfect view of him pounding her and her lags wrapped around his neck I can hear her juices wet on his dick...I long to taste both of them.The Passion I can smell it in the air and my heart quickens even faster as my spot starts to pulse with desire I feel the moisture between my lags and it gets unbearable I need to touch it to relieve myself of the pressure thats building.I reach down and pull my panties off slowly place my right hand over my clit and start gently rubbing to there rhythm with my left hand I play with my nipple just waiting for my juices to pour out underneath me.I get so into the passion of myself I forget were I am I close my eyes and lean my head back against the wall and begin to take pleasure in myself not ever noticing that the previous sounds of love making have completely stopped and the room is filled with my own moans of passion.Shit fuck it let em watch me cum now I don't care.I open my eyes to see what the occupants are doing and I get the full length of his strongness in my face I don't think twice I immediately grab it a begin pleasuring him with my mouth.The room was filled with our moans now,I feel something brush against my thigh and I 'm not nervous I am welcoming her,she scoots between my legs places one hand on my breast and the gently massaging my clit till I feel the flicker of her tongue on my now soaking pussy omg I can't believe this is happening to me she going to make me cum in her mouth I can't stop my legs from shaking I can barely stay in this position much longer....Oh shit my body begins to shake and she laps my juices up like a hungry pup.He grabs my shoulders at that point and shoots his luv on my breast she rises and licks and sucks every drop off each breast doing nothing but making my excitement grow stronger she whispers in my ear I got mine now you get yours.My eyes grow big with anticipation ass he pulls me to my feet on my already week knees and places both of my hands on the walls grabs my waist and spreads the tight walls of my pussy with his great luv mmmmm .He begins slowly caressing my breast and kissing my back while she is in front on her knees licking my clit my body is on spin cycle getting dizzy from the pleasure I am being giving but I hold strong on my unsteady legs as he picks up the pace and begins pounding my pussy thats throbbing and pulse out of control with each pump juices running down my thighs not making it far cause shes there to lap it up om my I'm am going to explode I yell with heavy breathes now bring it baby he say and begins to pump harder and faster nothing to hold on to I'm lost in my own luv and then bang I explode I rare my head back against his shoulders wrap my arms around his thick neck place both feet against the wall to brace myself to I can let it all out as he gets his also and start pounding my pussy on his dick. He grabs my waist I hear a growl as though it came from a lion fill my ear and I know he's cum too.He places me back down on the floor I grab my panties and I don't look back I fall into bed and unconsciousness comes fast.Morning coffee at the table we talk and laugh like nothing ever happened the night before but in the back of my mind it is still so vivid.No regrets on my part.

dabigdaddy69 53M  
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8/3/2006 5:38 pm

hum! baby! i want to see my hard meat deep inside your wet pussy pounding you like a piston in a hot cylinder!

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