My neices wedding  

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7/10/2006 11:50 pm

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My neices wedding

I went to my brothers, daughters wedding. Had not seen them for over 10 years and sort of lost track of them. But we got the invite and said let's go. So my two kids, my other brothers two kids went to the wedding in California. Had a wonderful time, caught up on past years and the cousins got to re-aquaint themselsves and exchanged cell numbers and took pics with their cell phones. But what was really neat and funny, now keep track here (I'm the oldest, the next one is 4 years younger by about 1.5wks and the third one, the wedding one, is 8 yrs minus one day. He was born one day before my birthday), after the ceremony and during the family photo taking # 2 bro is standing next to new husband (N.H.) and wispers to him, "treat my niece right or I will kill you." At the end of the reception I am saying goodbye to both my neice and N.H. (they are taking off right after the reception) and I look at him and say "treat my niece right or as the eldest brother I have first dibs on you", with a smile. Later at #3 brothers house I realate this and #2 says what he told N.H., and then #3 says that he told N.H something similar earlier in the week. So we all laugh. #3 says that new hubby will come back and ask if we are kidding so I tell him to tell N.H. that I was a policeman, worked undercover, worked street gangs, and delt with terrorist, (all true). Had a great laugh and can't wait for the response. #3 just laughed and asked if we saw "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", when the brothers pointed at the new guy and said "we are going to kill you" with a smile. A great time was had by all, and N.H. has to be asking my niece if we are for real. Funny and the answer is a resounding YES!!!

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7/11/2006 3:42 pm

You mobster, you!

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