Punishment Or Pleasure....  

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7/2/2006 7:10 am

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Punishment Or Pleasure....

You left for work without speaking to me. I sit and wonder...Had I done something to upset you? Why the silent treatment? Anxiety runs through my veins...Knowing I must appease you, I do everything that is expected of me. When the phone rings at noon, I run to answer it, knowing you hate to be kept waiting...I answer...breathless. You demand to know why...What was I doing??? Who was there with me??? I realize that any answer I give you will be wrong...Any efforts to convince you will be futile. Once again...I have upset you. Punishment tonight! You ask if my chores are done and I reply,"yes." Your next statement brings me to my knees. "Be ready when I get home!" Making it a demand, not a request. When the phone rings at 6:00 pm, I answer. I hear your cold, calculated voice on the other end. "Do you like being a slut?", you ask. Knowing the answer I want to give is not the answer you want to hear, I reply, "yes!" "That's my good girl", you said. "Shower and dress in black lace but NO panties."

I'm eager to please, knowing you intend to play instead of punishing me. I shower and wait for you to arrive. When you walk in the door, I hand you a drink. You place it down and head straight for the bedroom and return with the black case. Once open, you remove the blindfold and wrist restraints. You slide your hand between my legs, teasing me, rubbing your fingers along my pussy lips, feeling my wetness. You ask, "Are you ready to have fun?" I nod, knowing to speak will be out of place. The blindfold is put in place...you tie my hands together and raise them above my head. I feel suspended yet my feet are touching the floor. Tracing your fingers along the length of my arm sends shivers down my spine...I'm wet now, Your fingers enter me. "Do you like being naughty?", you ask. Again I nod fearing that I would not be able to speak without revealing my excitement.Standing there, blindfolded, not knowing where the next caress will be, only adds to my excitement. I feel your hands sliding up from my waist. As they reach my breasts, I arch forward, wanting...needing your touch. Your response is one of punishment, not pleasure...You pinch both nipples HARD. A moan escapes my lips. At the same time, I feel a quick stinging slap on my ass. It was then that I realized a third person was in the room. Who was behind me? Knowing that i cannot ask, I tremble, wondering what is expected of me. "Are you afraid?", you ask. When I don't respond, I feel another quick slap on my ass. Demanding an answer, I reply, "No, not really." You laugh and say, "You should be!" "Since you like being a slut, I expect you to be one." My hands are lowered and I am forced to my knees. He forces my mouth open, gagging me with his huge cock. I know what is expected of me and quickly submit to this form of punishment. Knowing that sucking a cock makes me wet, you enter me from behind. Fucking me with long, hard thrusts. I start to moan...You stop...but his assault on my mouth continues. You grab my hair and deman I tell you to fuck me. "Fuck me", I cried...not getting the response I expected, I repeat it louder, "Fuck me Hard." From across the room I hear you say..."Fuck her hard!" My mind races...is there another person here? Someone enters me from behind but who? The cock in my mouth explodes shooting hot cum down my throat.

I am lowered but not to the floor...I am lowered onto the cock that had been in my mouth. Laying on top of him, I shudder, wondering what will happen next. I feel him getting hard inside me... I smile, picturing you sitting on the sofa, stroking your cock, pleasuring yourself...watching me. I feel him start to enter from behind. Being new to anal, the pain is unbearable. I cry out. You come to me and whisper...How much you are enjoying the show, how much you want to see me take his cock in my ass. Sootheing me with your words, I relax and he enters. Never having double penetration before...I feel completely full, completely used. I feel excitement building. You walk over and tell me to open my mouth. I do...and you start fucking my mouth. It seemed like all 3 of you were going to continue this assault. What seemed like hours later...I lay spent and used on the floor. I remember you picking me up and carrying me to the bedroom. Lying down beside me and gently hold me. As I drift off to a blissful sleep...I hear you whisper, "You were a good little slut tonight!"...

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