The First Time  

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3/5/2006 3:45 pm

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The First Time

I did not realize that I was being groomed as a ho. I was not a virgin. Lost that in the back seat of a car that wasn't even his when I was all but 15. He was going to war and said he might never come back .... same thing he told a half dozen other girls in the week between he enlisted and he was sent to boot camp.

That didn't matter anymore because he started a feeling in me ... an itch inside that needed to be scratched regardless if it made me a bad girl or not.

My neighborhood was not the best. Factories and older houses sat in an area between my school and my home. We were told to walk around this area but that took another ten minutes and who wants to waste time after a whole day of classes. My friends paid attention and walked around. Not me.

About two blocks into the walk I noticed cars with men in them slowing down as I was walking. None of them said anything to me but they looked and tried their best to get my attention.

Another block further there was a house with a hedge. I knew from the boys that Luke lived there and they said Luke was a pimp. I never saw any of the women he was supposed to be a pimp of so I thought this was just boy talk.

I noticed that one of the cars that had slowed up was now in front of Luke's house. Luke, a black man who I thought was old at that time but must have been in his early 30's came from behind his hedge to the curb and began talking to the man.

They looked my way. They say me look back, but I kept walking. As curious as I was I couldn't help wonder what two men who knew nothing about me would be talking about. It bothered me all of that afternoon and evening, but i couldn't ask anyone because I shouldn't have been there.

The next day the same thoughts consumed my mind. I walked to school the long way around with my friends, and vowed I would walk with them home too.

I didn't keep that promise ....

More tomorrow

queensmale1958 58M
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3/5/2006 8:25 pm

interesting, can't wait to read more

Stretch6922 69M

3/5/2006 8:49 pm

Great story/I also would like to read more.

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