Doreen's Daddy  

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3/12/2006 6:50 am
Doreen's Daddy

Now although I started thinking about my Daddy, he never thought about me in "that" way. It seemed though that some of my schoolmates were not as lucky.

Doreen and her mother were both very proper. The held onto the "old world traditions." The grandmother lived with them and prepared meals while-although unusual for the time period-worked out of the home. It was hard to understand why her father was home while the women of the household seemed to never relax.

He was a tall man. He was a thin man. His hair was near gone, but he had a twinkle in his eye that could charm a gypsy. He started walking Doreen to school when she was in 5th grade, a time way past her needing an escort.

Now why would all this have some meaning ... it was two weeks or so after I first went to Luke's. Mimi had helped me. She went and bought me clothes that made me look more appealing to men. Sometimes she asked me to wear my pleated skirt, white blouse and school blazer. She bought me MaryJane shoes and had me wear white socks, sometimes folded over to the ankle and other times up to my knees. I did not realize that when I wore these things and Mimi would take me for a walk to show off, she was marketing me to a specific group of older men who enjoyed that school girl look.

Mimi had asked me to meet her on a Tuesday evening. It was not unusual for her to take me shopping or out for coffee so I did not think much of it. The only difference was she asked that I be on time -- exactly 4PM and that I not change out of my school uniform.

Mimi was waiting on the corner. She had hailed a yellow cab, and we both got in. The driver had already received directions from Mimi and we started toward Manhattan. In a soft voice, Mimi explained that we were going to a hotel where I would be safe. There was a guy named Jake who ran the elevator and he knew who to bring to what room. He also made sure that things were all right.

She warned me not to allow Jake to have any fun with me because he played with lots of women ... and she did not want me catching anything.

I had never thought about catching anything before but then again since I first went to the house it was only Luke and his two sons who enjoyed me. I didn't own Luke anything anymore and he was giving me a little money. He reminded me he had bought me lots of clothes, none of which I could take home, and none of which I could wear, even with my friends.

When the cab stopped, the driver grinned. "Jake still dealing the action," he asked.

Mimi grinned and nodded.

"Looks like he's got some prime stuff available."

"This ones special."

"First time?"

Mimi paid him and asked him to wait. He seemed willing.

Up the few stops, I looked up and saw a neon sign that had not been lit for sometime. Mimi rang the bell and a round man in his fifties opened the door.

"My my, is this for me?" he said grinning at Mimi, and already knowing the answer.

"Luke sent her over for he special."


"And he said the cut is the same, and don't bother this one."

"Mimi pushed me inside, where there was a desk with all those cubbyholes like you see on the cop shows when they visit a seedy hotel.

"This way ... " Jake pointed toward the small elevator.

"Listen. You take care of me and I take care of you. Luke don't have to know how many tricks you turn here tonight."

"I said nothing."

"Your loss sweetie. Anyway, you got your work cut out for you."

I walked into the room There was a bed, a chair, a window that looked out to an alley way, a phone on the table with no dial on it, a basin and another door that lead toward the bathroom. A bowl and a sink - that was all.

"If you need me you pick up the phone. Luke sent you here for the special so I am sure no one will get out of hand. Keep those clothes on. Smile when a man comes in and be friendly. More friendly than you are being to me. That's the only way to make money. You know all these guys want to fuck their daughters and their daughters friend so tonight don't be too grown up - take it for what it is ...Good money in this - remember your Luke's whore though, no exchanging numbers. I'll know."

He closed the door behind him but not before making sure I saw he had cupped and was rubbing the large bundle in his pants. I ignored it.

Nothing happened for the first ten or fifteen minutes, then the phone rang. Jake said that I should sit on the bed and look like I was doing homework. A man came in, smiled and walked back out again. I wondered if I was not good enough. A little later the same thing happened and by the third time, I was upset enough to think I was not appealing.

The phone rang again and Jake said I'm coming up for you." I didn't know what that meant but I was sure Mimi would not have put me in danger.

Jake came up. "So you have what they want."

"I don't know what you mean - they all walked out."

He laughed. "No three pick ya, and five wanted to watch, but one paid more than all of the others so I couldn't say no. Better for you, leaves more for me later on. Unless of course you want to make some cash on the side ... you be nice to me and I'll be nice to you.

This guy wants to be called Daddy. Go slow, let him call the shots but don't let him get rough. I know this one he is easy."

When we got to the second floor and Jake knocked. "When he says who's there say 'It's me Daddy.' Go on now," Jake took my hand and brought it to his crotch, "save some for this."

"Who's there?'

"It's me Daddy," and I turned the door knob and let myself in.

Inside the room was dim. It was painted soft pink and had a rocker and some teddy bears and a stereo. A desk and some things that you would find in a teen-aged girl's room. There was a gauzy like curtain dividing that room from the space where there the bed, occupied, was standing.

"Come on in Baby. Nice to see you Kikki."

"Thank you Daddy."

For a moment it did not strike me that no one here knew my real name. Suddenly I realized that someone behind the curtain knew who I was and it was not long before that mystery was solved.

"Come on over here to Daddy. Now isn't this strange. My daughter little friend here to make her Daddy happy." He parted the curtain and I saw Doreen's father in a tee shirt and his boxers, holding out his arms to me.

For a moment I wanted to resist but two forces, the idea that it would not be good to say no and have him tell every guy in the neighborhood what I was doing and the second was selfish. I had developed an insatiable appetite for cock, and I was hungry.

I stepped forward and whispered, "If you are doing this, I wonder what Doreen is doing? I know she's wanted me for a while but she just blushes when she sees me in the morning. Come over here to Daddy Kikki."

He sat on the bed and the split in his boxers parted. He adjusted himself before I got close enough for him to begin running his hand up and down my leg. Soon the hand was going further up and under my short skirt. I knew that the sooner my panties got wet with my cum the sooner he would be getting down to business.

Doreen's Daddy knew what he wanted. He pulled me closer and took long warm breaths in my crotch. He noticed I had a full bush of hair."Usually I like them shave but your pussy is very pretty." I could feel he was wanting to go beyond my having clothes on. His bone was pushing out of the hole in his pants and I was a little disappointed at what I saw, but I figured all men can't be the same.

Doreen's Daddy pulled down my panties and put his head under my skirt. His tongue worked its way onto my pussy lips and into the slit. It wasn't long before he found my clit and started licking, sucking and nibbling. At this point I was supposed to make believe I enjoyed it, problem is, I really did.

He was stroking his cock with one hand and holding my skirt up with the other. I moved his hand from my skirt and held it up myself. This seemed to be a sign to him that I liked it that much.

Doreen's Daddy stroked a little harder. He separated my lips more and pushed his mouth inside as deeply as he could.

"How about you do a little for Daddy now?"

I knew what he wanted. I got on my knees, and he unbuttoned my blouse. '"Very nice," he fondled my small nipples and milked my breasts a little. Sometimes he was a little rough, but I was concentrating on his cock in my mouth.

This time it was up to me. There was no shoving the rod in my mouth, so I got creative and licked, and worked on the head, and flickered my tongue on the shaft before keeping my lips tight and letting the bone penetrate my mouth.

At that point, Doreen's Daddy moaned. "I knew what you wanted baby, Daddy will make you feel good."

After a few moments he stopped me and said "come on up here." I thought he wanted to be mounted by he wanted to get under the covers and cuddle. "Take those clothes off." He had already removed my blazer and blouse and lifted my bra. My panties were on the floor and I only had to unbutton my skirt allowing it to fall to the floor, and take off my shoes. He watched every move I made. "Come on now Kikki, lay next to Daddy."

This was the first time I was in bed with a man under the covers like in a really sleeping situation. At first I was going to face him, but he wanted my back to him. He still had his boxers on but his cock was out, and hard as a rock. He pushed it against ass, in the crack, and asked "you like it this way too."

I said no. Baby you are supposed to say yes to everything. Jake said ... " He dropped the conversation there and smiled, "okay we will do something else."

Doreen's Daddy stood up, and slid out of his boxers. His cock was small but he had a very large sack with hard and defined balls. "Come here baby, let your head hang off the bed."

Doreen's daddy put his balls in my face and said,"Show me you're a whore." I licked his balls as he dropped them into my mouth one at a time. Doreen's Daddy moaned feeling my tongue work them. It started to get me so hot that I moaned and came as well.

"That's it Kikki. Warm up that load I have for you."

Doreen's Daddy pulled back and stood up straight. "Come here honey," he said. I stood up and he bent me over the bed. I felt him pushing his cock into me. He stroked softly at first and then started to push harder and harder and then screamed, "you little bitch take it all."

I could feel Doreen's daddy's cum shooting into my hot pussy. His last thrust was so exciting I came with him and he seemed to enjoy feeling my muscles tense up.

When he pulled out he said, "You're the best whore I ever had in this place, we should do this again, especially since we only live down the block from one another."

His smile told me what he meant. "Oh Daddy that would be wonderful I" said, eager to get his cleaned up, dressed and out of there.

As I washed up, he dressed and left. On the night stand he left me a tip and a card with his phone number ... on the back he wrote ... see you next Tuesday. I wondered why he thought I would be back there.

I sat on a chair waiting for Jake to come and get me. He walked in with his Dick in his hand. It was already hard. He came up close to my face. Well, Don left happy how about me.

I had gotten up enough nerve to put him off -- "Later Jake - later."

"Well, you got some time left here. We get busy around 6 when business close and guys are on their way home. You can wait or you can go and work the room."

I was new so I asked what room. "Ill show you kid," We went downstairs to the lobby. There was a room behind the desk. There were several girls sitting there in front of holes in the wall, and there were a few others sucking on cocks that had been placed through other holes.

"If ya like sucking this is the fastest and easiest money. This is my gig and how I make some cash. Most of these girls work for me but for a cut I can let you make some money too.... Ya game."

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