Barry loves my butt  

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Barry loves my butt

I didn't have to think long, and I was glad because Jake was sitting behind his desk pointing his cock in my direction. He was stroking it nice and easy, and offered it to me more than once.

I horn blew. Jake got up and looked out of the upper part of the window. He flicked the "Vacancy" neon twice, and a man got out of the cab and walked up the steps. Jake buzzed him in through the big glass doors.

"Can I help ya?"

"Cabbie said this was a good place to spend a few hours, and it looks like that may be so."

The visitor looked toward me.

"Well just may be. I can take you upstairs and show you what i have available."

"Why do I have to look upstairs? This will do me just fine."

"Ahhh she's not available."

The man put three hundred dollar bills on the counter. Jake's greed overcame him but not before his fear reminded him where I came from. "Hold on ... why don't you take a seat over there - he pointed to a sofa on the other side of the lobby out of ear shot - let me make a phone call."

I knew Jake was talking to Luke. He told him the man offered two hundred. Luke musta said that Mimi was coming back to pick me up because I heard Jake say it was worth having her wait. Negotiations done with, Jake hung up the phone."

"Look she only has about an hour."

He shrugged his shoulders - "I don't have much more than that myself."

Jake got off his chair adjusting his now limp dick. Seems that cash made his mid go other ways than up.

"Follow me,' he indicated to the man -- "You too." he said to me.

I walked between them, Jake first the man behind me. He was tall and thin, very light skinned and as I would come to know after time, a business man in the city for the week. He did the typical think - asked a cabbie where he could find some action, and he found it.

We only went one floor up and to a room that was nicer than the one I had been in earlier.
He looked at me and said "Now you be nice to the gentleman,"

He answered," I am sure she will do fine," and slammed the door.

"Take everything off", he instructed, and then just stand here.

He pointed to a a spot in the middle of the room. He turned on the table lamp and shut off the overhead light.'Do it slow, one button at a time."

The tall man sat in the chair and watched as I let my blazer drop to the floor. I opened each button on my blouse really slow, and looked toward him for a reaction. In my own warped way I was enjoying this teasing sensation, and I could feel my nipples getting hard, as he sat there and watched, never touching me or himself.

When I got all the buttons open he told me to leave the blouse on, but to take my panties off. I slid them down. They were already wet. I was enjoying this but did not know if I should tell him.

"Come over here," he said, using his finger to indicate where he wanted me to stand. It was directly in front of him.

He had long thin fingers and they probed my pussy. Then he took his hands and put them on my ass and pulled me closer to his face. He licked the triangle above my pussy and saw how wet I was.

"Little slut, you enjoy your work. I'm glad you enjoy your work."

I started to moan, not fake - the real stuff because I felt myself wanting him in me even though I had not even seen his cock.

He walked me over to the bed, and then went into the bathroom. When he came out he was naked, a long thin dick ready for some action, and over it hung a wash cloth that he used to wash my pussy.

With each stroke of the washcloth I came a little more. He set the cloth on the floor and put his face into my wet bush. I could feel his tongue working me over, and my clit was getting harder. Once he started sucking on my clit, I was lost in pleasure.

Standing over me, he let the head of his long cock swing on my clit. With his hand controlling the head he made me want it bad.

"You want this cock," he asked. "Come on now, I can feel your clit's on fire, you want it don't you, don't you?"

I did not get a chance to tell him yes. He poked that cock deep in me and I could feel his balls against my lips. Standing over me he had the opportunity for full penetration and he took it and I took it all and loved every inch of his cock in me.

After a half dozen strokes he pulled out of me soaked with my cum, his cock was lubricated and ready for his next adventure.

With just a slight adjustment I could feel him probing my butt, first with his long finger, and very soon after with the head of his cock. I was so hot, I wanted it no matter where he put it. "You want it whore?" he asked ... tell me how much you want me to make you an ass fucker whore."

"I want it." I said.


"I want it."

That's better. "Whore take it." With one thrust he pushed his hard cock into my ass. I felt pain that became pleasure after several strokes.

Barry, that was his name, loved my ass as much as I loved his cock in it and whenever he came to town we would get together.

He fucked me so hard that night that I could not help getting wet anytime I thought of it ....even right now.

When he was ready he pulled out and shot his load all over my clit and let the last drops drip onto my face.

"Maybe someday you can come to St Louis and be my whore," he said. "Till then I'll, make sure you are here whenever I am in town."

And I was, and if he asked - I'd be there today.

Jake rang the phone and then knocked on the door after about 45 minutes. He always tried to short the guys I found out.

Barry was dressed, and I was still on the bed naked and full of his cum.

Jake asked Barry if he knew the way out. He came over to the edge of the bed and said my turn. I looked up at him and said no, but he pulled out his hard cock and stoked it over me until his load shot on my stomach.

"Every whore who works here takes me. remember that for next time."

allamericanho 66F

3/15/2006 4:25 am

thanks so much for reading - I am honored since your blog is such a success Kikki

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